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In addition to their historically accurate series of Ancient Romans ("Warriors: Total Rome" - read our review of the Roman Legionary HERE), ACI Toys is preparing to release a new line of 1:6th scale Ancient Greek action figures.

These include (click each name for more photos):

ACI-17A 1/6 Greek Hoplite Athenian

- Greek Corinthian helmet (Bronze Color)
- Greek Hoplite Lion Shield

ACI-17B 1/6 Greek Hoplite Silver

- Greek Corinthian helmet (Silver Color) with Black Plume Crest
- Greek Hoplite Snake Shield

ACI-17C 1/6 Greek Hoplite Black

- Greek Corinthian helmet (Black Color) with J Crest
- Greek Hoplite Scorpion Shield

ACI-17D 1/6 Greek Hoplite Spartan

- Greek Corinthian helmet (Black and Bronze Color) with Transverse Crest
- Gold Greek Lambda Shield​

Each figure style will also include the following armor, outfit and weapons:

- Muscle Armor (Cuirass)
- Leg Armor (greave)
- Greek Sword and Scabbard
- Doru/Spear
- Greek tunic (unique style for each Hoplite. With silk print in A/B version)
- Leather pteruges with worn effect
- Fabric Cloak
- Sandals (tied/worn on figure feet already)

The Hoplite Black and a set of all 4 Greek figures are available for pre-order now through priced at $179.99 each or $699.99 for the entire set. These are estimated to arrive 3rd Quarter 2014.
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