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FIGUREBASE Exclusive (Limited Edittion 500 sets)

Product List
Man Mk I body
Tri color desert BDU
LBT 2564A flotation vest
LBT subload
Ultity pouch
Ammo pouch
Radio pouch
Stinger headset with Radio
Tactical lights
Tactical lights holster
Navy Mk 18 mod 0 carbine
5.56 mm mag x 3
Mseries scope
Rear sight
Weapon lights
CQC sling
SAS Mk V holster
M9 pistol
9mm magazine x 3
Air Helmet
Bonnie hats
Tactical Goggles
Knee pads
SI Boots
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For a while, i thought its a D-boy!!

It looks real nice as a whole and being released in only 500 pcs, it sure is interesting whether would this set hit fever pitch on evilbay?
The HS looks like Trident from BBI .
hmmm... judging from their earlier releases, i somehow think this is a step back for ACE.. not really pushing the envelop like the SFOD, SEAL 10 n NSW gunner somehow..
i'll pass.
if its in the same price range as their recent new releases, this figure looks pretty lacking in gear.
It's too boring - nothing new - just another unhealthy obsession on SEAL fever.

I have an suggestion for ACE. Change to something new, interesting figure - a Brit soldier OR Canadian Solider in desert BDU operating in Afghanistan. . . OR a US Ranger in Grenada 1983/ Vietnam
Doesnt look to bad,BUT I wont purchse his as a Complete Figure....I really like the Vest..probably get one of them...
Nice looking but may be a pass for me as well. The HS looks kind of lame and like something you would see in your local Abercrombie & Fitch store. I do like the loose handset with the real nomex gloves though.
I'm going to guess that because this set is an exclusive for Figure Base it's more of a variant on the NSW gunner set than a whole new figure - hence the large amount of rehashed parts. The quality looks superb as usual, but unfortunately the subject matter has been covered many, many times before.

ACE really needs to do something different with their next release if they want to capture the attention of the fickle 1/6 consumer - especially with the high level of "wow factor" from the latest Hot Toys and Soldier Story figures!
if they wanna rehash and improve on past BBI glories howasabout Raptor with bearded sculpt and mk48, or mk46 even
Nice, clean looking fig. Pity the nearest I'll get to to it is pawing hopelessly at this screen.
I dunno, I kinda like him. Especially that plate carrier.
i can't help it, i never get excited by ACE products. seems like something you could have bashed a million times by now.

at least TS and HT release new stuff that no one has ever done before.
Over all, good looking figure for sure. Subject matter is another story with the Navy VBSS story. So, I am assuming this is a SEAL or could it be a US Cost Guard figure? Love the Plate Carrier System and the head sculpt. Would love to see a SAS solder though or a US Army Medic, or German KSK. Even if was just an equipment set.
Very nice setup. We rarely see the black equipments in 1/6th these days.

I want Bluegun BTW. :green


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I also thought that the SEALS universally used the SIG 9mm. Why doesnt anyone take the time to accurately make one of them?
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