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I'm trying to complete a 'Tears of the sun' lt AK Waters figure.
I have had the TS 'rifleman/platoon leader' boxed figure for quite some time now.And always felt that the sculpt didn't look quite right (mainly too small).
So i recently won the Triad Toys 'Cole' (Willis) sculpt on ebay.
It is easilt the best Willis sculpt i have ever seen.Only trouble is it is very large.and doesn't look right on a dml or the TS nude!

I'm looking at alternative manufactures nudes.And the one that most people are recommending apart from the HT one is the new ACE figure!
Another quandry though is i don't think the TS woodland uni will fit this nude.(either too tight and sleeves too short).
Could someone tell me if this ACE bdu:|66:2|65:12|240:1318&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14
Is baggier and looser fitting than the TS version. And can the velcro patches on the sleeve pockets and chest be removed to make it more authentic to the film version!!
Any feedback on the Triad Toys sculpt and body situation would also be appreciated!
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