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I'm currently working on a custom project, but I'm a complete noob when it comes to bodies. I've been canvasing the Intardweb for custom parts from the ground up and the only thing left is to buy the body itself.

I chose the II MEF headsculpt because it matched best the look I was going for, but now I have questions about finding a body for it. If I select a Hot Toys body for it (which seems easiest), what should I look for in terms of compatibility with hands (the only other item I need) and necks? Will the HT head fit on a Toy Soldier body with or without easy adaptation? I like the bendable hands offered by TS in light of the poses I am considering. I'll also need a reasonable amount of articulation. I'm not going the gymnastic route, but more than the typical "tactical" poses you see.

Any help would be more than appreciated. This is definitely an ambitious project for me (relatively new to 1/6, but not to similar modeling hobbies), and certainly an expensive project thus far, heh. Money isn't really "an object" but there's no need to waste it.
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