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about lee marvin dragon heads

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Hi guy, sameone of you,know how many LEE MARVIN figures with different heads ,realized DRAGON ?i know only the cyberhobby eto figure!!!!Same other firm realized in the past, lee marvin figures? Thanks in advance.Mario.
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I don't know about other DML Lee Marvin heads Mario, but Lonnie at HeroHeads has a nice one -

Sideshow Toys also used a Lee Marvin sculpt for their WW1 US Army officer.


Thanks Mike, i have the LONNIE l.marvin head,but i find one head a bit smiling and i dont know which is the provenience...may be the sideshow ones!!!!Bye Mario.
Here's the SST Marvin in "civvies" -
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The SST head seems to me is of a much younger Marvin. It depends on which character you want to build. I was planning a "Big Red 1" Marvin for like ages and had a DML head for it :)

Yes Mike is thiiiiiis!!!!Thanks a lot. Mario.
pukingdog said:
Here's the SST Marvin in "civvies" -
Which sideshow figure is the Lee Marvin head from?
Sideshow Toys WW1 US Army officer. Comes with a nice trench coat.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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