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? about ACU

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Has the US Army gone completely over to the new uniforms, or are there large numbers of soldiers still in BDUs and DCUs we just don't seen in officially released photos?
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I believe there is a final/projected date where ACU will be the only uniform to be worn but DCUs and Woodlands will still be worn by SOF forces...I know a couple of SF guys that had their team wear modified DCUs on recent deployments so they get the latitude still.
In know every active duty unit has ACU's now , are new guys said the got issued ACUs in Basic, Reserve and NG guys might still have BDU's/DCUs, SOF guys wear whatever they want pretty much
I see alot of NG and Army guys in the ACU in my area in the offices.I only really see AF guys in the woods,I don't see desert at all.I used to see it pretty regular,but not that much.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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