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Remember when? Let's see...

Ten years ago...

You could get a Soldiers of the World (American Revolutionary War, American Civil War, and WW1) figure for under $8(US) at ANY Target, W-Mart or KMart. You could get a uniform set with gear and weapons for under $5(US). A mounted figure sold for $20. :wideyes

The Ultimate Soldier VietNam sets were $4.99 at one store $7.99 at "the other." It was the COOLEST thing my GIJ ever wore.

The GIJ "Classic Collection" started popping up as blister-packaged basic figures, and then there was that first GIJ Coast Guard BOXED figure for $19.99! :clap

There was no such thing as a $100 action figure, unless you bought a one-off custom figure.

Female action figures (not dolls!), Cy-Girls, etc., were non existent, unless you bought a custom from Mike Cherry.

TRU started carring the basic "baby-faced Sam" Ultimate Soldier for $9.99.

A couple of aisles away Sideshow TOYS (not Sideshow "Collectibles") Frankenstein sold for $19.99.

Jimbob-wan's site was THE source for ALL my "how-to..." customising articles.

Media Play (remember them?) and Suncoast video was THE source for "exotic" 1/6 figures (monsters, film characters, anime...)

There was no Hot Toys, Toy Soldier, Soldier Story, BBi, DiD, Ignite, ITPT, Triad, NewLine Miniatures, Toyriffic, or Twisting Toys... :cry

A newcomer, DML would have their "Man called Hero" on the market before the year's end. :D

Star Wars 1/6 figures were available from Kenner, Planet of the Apes 1/6 were available from Kenner, Classic Universal Studios Monsters 1/6 figures were available from - (yup, you guessed it!) Kenner.

There was no WOH, Joe-lanta, or 1/6 figure collectors event. There was only ONE show, the GIJ Collector's Club annual convention (bless 'em for keeping the fires burning all those years).

I've probably left out a bunch of details, but hope you had as much fun reminiscing as I did. If I've left anything out just remind me :D
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