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A2 flight jacket art

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One thing that has been bothering me for a while, is the Expo jacket from DiD with the painted art on the back.
Plus the fact that only the very lucky Expo vistors ever got to get a jacket like that.
So after a quick sulk, stomping of the feet and some un-printable words...
I got to wondering if i could make a jacket like that, below is one of the three that i have made up today.

How i did it is Here

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Damn I thought that was 1:1!!

What has annoyed me slightly about the jackets once they had dried off fully, is the slight showing of the decal carrier film around the edges.
I think in future i will have to cut the decal right back to the image itself.

Hi Gary,
Thanks for the link to your webpage. I really like your jacket art and I may decorate my 1:6 A2 and B-3 bomber jackets using your technique. Thanks for sharing them. :thumb
Thanks for the infos on your link, really nice :thumb
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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