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Hi All,

After a hiatus of over three years (courtesy of work, marriage and overseas postings) I have finally found that I have time to return to the hobby so near and dear to our hearts (and one that is intent on removing as much money as possible from our pockets!). It is great to see so many familiar faces still around (you guys are the glue that holds this place together) plus a raft of new faces who all making a very valuable contribution. The level of detail in many of the new releases (and after three years almost everything is a new release) is matched only by the skill and inventiveness of many of the members here. The great work on display, the hints and tips and general climate of the board serves as both an inspiration and motivation to jump back into the hobby feet first.

I look forward to sharing all that is great with this place with you over the coming weeks, months and (hopefully!) years.



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Welcome back, Kotter! I mean Sentinel/B. - looking forward to your enjoyment and our enjoyment of your future posted stuff :thumb What was your previous handle when you were here? Here's to fun!

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