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A Quick Question

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Does anyone kno where i can find tan bdu's like those that came with the Toy Soldier Navy SEAL TAG set?

Thanks, Carey
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You might try ebay, some of the sellers listed to the left break up these kinds of sets. Short of that you could try removing the dye (Rit has dye remover that's easy to use) from a good set of 3-color BDU's then dye them your tan color. It's tough to cover a camo pattern, it really depends on how well the dye is set in the fabric. Also Dragon made a pair of plain tan BDU trousers as part of B-15C Flight Jacket and N-3B Flight Jacket sets. Atlantic Toys at has the sets for $9.95 each. Unfortunately I don't know of anyone that's done the jacket except for TS.
only tan bdus available are probably ACE's and TS'.
they are namely the ACE desert CQB and TS TAG

but i'm afraid that the ACE CQB is really rare or hard to find now.
you still have your chance at the TS version but finding it loose would be tough as well.

anyway Echobasetoys still have the full TS TAG for sale ;)
Thank you furious and velocx (forgive the mispelling:) ill try my luck at ebay :ar15
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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