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Wood Gas Machine Metal Brick

Somewhere in the former USSR. Present time or several years ago. Bunker for the PKM machine gun.
Wood Rectangle Grass Road surface Landscape

Boxes with cartridges 7.62 ЛПС гж - 7.62 mm rifle and machine gun cartridge with a light bullet with a steel core. And a box for hand grenades RGD-5.
Wood Rectangle Hardwood Gas Box

Wood Rectangle Gas Auto part Composite material

PKMS machine gun with a belt for 250 rounds.
Wood Tripod Machine gun Air gun Gun barrel

The inscription on the plates:
Careful, the sniper is working.
Careful, the ATGM is working.
Observe with the scout's pipe.
Wood Font Tripod Art Machine

Anti-tank weapons.
Wood Gas Machine Motor vehicle Down-the-hole drill

Wood Grass Gas Toolbox Rectangle

Household shelf.
Wood Bottle Shelving Table Water bottle

Road surface Asphalt Rectangle Wood Window
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