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As requested by one of our admins, and fellow attendee Hollowpoint, here are my thaughts on this years A Weekend Of Heroes 2008.

This is my first time attending one of these type events, and overall, I am amazed. Or at least, still in a bit of 1/6, and military type themed shock.

I have seen plenty of pics of past events, and even magazine coverage from Toyfair, and others. Says alot about this event.

I had heard early on that there would be no re-enactments, and the 1/1 vehicles would not be part of this years' show. Bummer. I still did it.

Glad I did too.

Not only is this like Mecca for the 1/6th scale enthusiast, it's a great place to meet up with fellow board members, and members from other clubs and different organizations. Most military themed type hobbies are represented at this show. Although oddly enough no smaller scaled model stuff like 1/35, and military aircraft and such.

I managed to score some great stuff and pictures of this event.

I was also supprised at the Canadian showing from OSW, to this event. Myself, Hollowpoint (Laurie), 38Oliver (Rob), Crusader1xxx (Andrew), and Brad from Outer Perimeter in Winnipeg. Did I miss anybody? It doesn't sound like a lot, but there is not a large pile of us Canucks on the board, and to travel that far for something like this is a bit of an undertaking, and expense. More fun than a barrel o monkey's though. Great meeting everyone who came out.

I have to admit the whole thing was pretty cool. The variety. Getting to meet the fellow members. Getting to meet some of the retailers face-to-face finally, and all the great stuff that followed me home too. Looks to be some real cool looking stuff coming out from Merit, Toy Soldier, and others as well.

I have nothing bad to say about this show. And I didn't have the experience that Butch, Laurie, Rob and Jess got to share (chainsaws humping...LOL). Vehicles would have been cool, but not having seen a show with them, I can't say I'm missing out.

So thanks to all who attended, and who made this an enjoyable experience for a first time AWOH visitor.

And a special thanks to John Lu, and other organizers, for all the hard work making these events happen.

And a final, and most special thanks to my Mrs. who not only said yes to my going, but came with me. She didn't attend, but she put up with me running around with the boys. And put up with all the really warm weather, waaay warmer than both of us are used to. All this, and on the eve of our 10th wedding anniversary, and in the middle of our trip to Las Vegas to celebrate.

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Great perspective Rhino. Thanks for coming. We had a blast. And another thanks for driving out to meet with us yesterday. That was cool. I think back and I should have grabbed that Ugly Stick. Very cool. I now expect a bash of a PMC with it from you.
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