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It's been a long time since I had the imagination, idea and desire to kitbash a new figure (probably due to mental stress, etc. for the past couple years of work). But finally, things are better in my mental world, and the ice broke.

I acquired a 1/6th drum years ago from the Dragon German figure, and I am wanting to showcase some of my really cool sixth scale pieces. But... I only have room in my Samurai cabinet, and my Japanese Military Cabinet. And the Samurai never used snare drums, so... I have been out of luck in getting it on display. But, over the holidays, something clicked, and I had an idea.

A little research, and I found a picture of an Imperial Japanese Naval Musician, a drummer, circa 19th Century. The IJN used drummers in their bands and aboard ships, and an idea was born.

A little work, and here's my first attempt at an Imperial Japanese Navy Drummer, circa 1870. The details aren't perfect, the yellow piping on the collar and sleeves is a bit too wide, and the collarboards should be blue/darker. I may work on that and see if I can paint/correct those, to make it even more authentic.

Luckily for me, I think the ITPT Canadian Military Cadet uniform is an almost perfect starting point for the figure. Civil war era shoes (which might be better in a brown leather, rather than black) complete the base of the figure. I modified a Battlegear Toys Union Kepi (pulled a few stitches, then added my own piping, and "horse hair" pomp), and carefully worked the chin strap down and around.

This is my first kitbash in... four years, I think? Happy to have done it, and get the chance to show it off. And, while researching this, I found quite a bit of other inspiration, so the 19th century IJA and IJN may get a few more figures!
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