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A new breath of life in the hobby? ...

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... oh could it be true!?

So, how long did it take you before you figured it out?

Funny thing is, that isn't the biggest joke.

Stories are floating around that some consideration was given to doing a coffin boxed 5 points of articulation 12 inch figure. Consider the following is based on figures 10 points of articulation.

The story continues that new 12 inch proposal was dropped, and the 50th Anny splash would be added to all "Joe" product released during the year of note, and as you can see, that started only with the 3rd release of the Kreons. Like many others that said it, I'm glad that they didn't release a poor 12 inch product just to mark a milestone event of product, as if it failed, they would just once again point the finger of blame at the collectors for not supporting the effort, hence why do more in the future. Forget the fact that a poor product is a poor product, and that has more to do with product failure than most anything else, but some feel that if a product bears a certain logo, it should sell to the faithful who follow it's call like a Batsignal notwithstanding.

So who is the biggest fool and what is the biggest joke here? Clearly I bought some of this 50th Anny product, or there won't be any of my little cartoons using it ( and yes I bought a few extra, just for grins and giggles ). I guess I chalk that up to why people buy shots at a bar, instead of buying a big bottle to drink at home. I think its funny to see product aimed at a new generation of kids, with some items included with almost no point of reference to kids, so are clearly aimed at older long time collectors, and then fail to see that those "reference items" aren't really hitting their 50th mark, as truly the old original Joe was based on the Korean War is hitting the 50th mark ( ever wonder why the original Pilots were Jet Pilots, not WW2, and none were made as WW2 until the CC Series? ), so are they trying to say then that it is the 50th Year of the Joe Brand, and not of any actual give product? That might be, as even in the Kreon line, a mixture of "character" figures come from both the 12 inch line, and the 3.75 series clearly is not hitting their 50th anniversary.

I suppose that it is also true, that not only did they get me and others to buy these Kreons, but we actually play with them too, so for a "toy" company I guess that's a win.

But in my eyes, for a major milestone, the effort made overall is lackluster, not a blockbuster, just a little chuckle for those that get the punchline, missing a huge opportunity to do something really right, and that is a bad joke, one that has been repeated once too often.
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I am so disappointed with Hasbro. They had an opportunity to make huge inroads in the collectible action figure market; which THEY had a major hand in creating. The 40th Anniversary collection could have been a stepping stone to marketing an entire series of collectible action figures; from intermediate to "upscale" collectible action figures; different war theatres etc. Of course uniforms, weapons, vehicles all could have been part of this rejuvenation of their 12" action figure line.

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