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A Multicam bash (WIP)

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Got hold of the unbranded Multicam set recently and here's my work in progress in making a bash out of it. I don't usually do modern, so I'll appreciate all criticisms or suggestions on making it better.

The multicam was a little too green for my liking, so I did a wash of buff + desert yellow to tone it down.

On the knee pads, the male side of the velcro attachment had no backing on it. It was just the plastic velcro. Tried to cover it up with fabric tape but it didn't look quite right. Will have to get hold of some crossgrain tape and try that instead.

Will post more updates next year. :D Have a good New Year everyone!
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The multicam looks great! Great job fading it. I got a set of the uniform too and felt the same as you. Not to sound like a moron, but what do you mean by a "wash of buff + desert yellow?" :O Is it a paint wash or something? Your results look so good and I want to try the same thing! What exactly did you use? Thanks!
I think for the knee pads, you can use sandpaper to sand off the glossy smooth surface, overpaint it with flat OD paint (or other color), overspray with dullcoat to seal it. This is one of the method.
Another is to salvage from other parts for replacement.

wash of buff + desert yellow
I think what he meant is to dilute a mixture of acrylic buff + desert yellow and overbrush (or airbrush it) over the uniform generously. By doing so, it'll fade/blend in some sharp camo edges to give a sun-worn or sand-dust effect. Correct me if I'm wrong :p
Look good so far :thumb
Wow! CoreBlock ...Sun rising from the West again? :D
I like the "weathering" job on the uniform. By the unbranded version, what exactly does that mean? Whose make and how much did you pay for it if you don't mind me asking?

I also like the headsculpt. Where did you find the figure?

Bravo out
zombie1138> Like Porkins mentioned, it's just a paint wash of diluted acrylic. I'm using Vallejo acrylic and the mixture is 3 parts of buff, 1 part of desert yellow and 10 parts of water. I don't have an air brush, so I just painted it all over the uniform. Hope that helps.

porkins> That's a good idea. I'll probably try that to see if it works.

USMC Maggot> Thanks!

cracktroop> You mean it used to rise from the west?! :p

Bravo Bob> The multicam set came in an unmarked plastic bag. No indication of manufacturer or whatsoever. I paid around US$60 for the set. Someone is selling the set on the Open Market section if you're interested.

The headsculpt came with the AA Hot Toys carded nude.
Sweet stuff so far. :thumb Looking forward to more updates on him.
That is a great looking camo uni and the progress looks terrific so far. And you already answered my headsculpt question. :thumb
Coming along very nicely! The uniform color looks much better-- and closer to actual Multicam, I think.
Excellent work, that set is really really green, ill have to try the same thing myself.
can't wait to see what you do with it.
Is it just me or does pattern look off scale?
I agree, it is a great bash so far. But the suggestions are great as well.
Either way, I can't wait to see the finished product :hyper
Man, I like the the uniform, I just which they would make gear more in the same pattern.
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