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Hey guys!

It's a continuation from this post.

The build is around 70% complete all in all. I say I did a pretty good use of this 12inch Super System Action Figure from China.

Fun little build I been working on. Just buying parts here and there to get this figure simi finished.

Personally, I want to build like a Fictional Night Fighter looking Sniper. I got a PSG-1 that is an Intoyz gun. Still need to make like a Magazine leg pouch or something.

Again, I don't know I should go with a MP5K, P90, something small yet cool looking for this build.

Just having some fun with it.

Here some photos.

Beginning to think I suck at face painting here... :(

The Safariland Holster with the Glock. Majorly improved this old holster from the 12inch Super System. The Glock has been repainted with Simi Gloss Black on the lower receiver and a Upper was painted in Super dark Gun Metal.

The Balaclava. This figure was suppose to come with one. Sadly it didn't. The good news, I found one at Rattlesnake Toys for a Buck. This is what the Balaclava would look like if you purchase this SWAT figure. Still have some work to do with it.

So far! This is what I got built. :/

The belt came from the MC Toy Shooter set. HEADS UP!! The Belt is a Condor Mollies belt that was set up kinda weird. I had to mod the belt removing the original Belt that was sewed on to the Condor Mollie Belt. Replace it with a wider black grossgrain ribbon and a larger Snap. Again, got some ideal for this belt.

Sorry for the Fish eye Camera shots. But! When I finish this project. I'll be posting up better photos with a Dark look Diorama.

Thank for looking.

If you guys got some tips or maybe ideals! I'm open to hear them! :D


Say what?
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Man, I like this guy.

He's got "stealth" pegged.

Really nice work, man.
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