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a few more of the WWII boys

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the last 2 pics are from my 1st diorama-historically inaccurate but oh well..


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A great line-up of figures there matey...and one i'd be proud to have in my collection!

Lovely stuff.

Nice little dio you have there...some times there is a need to be historically accurate, other times not so much.

It is all about have if you are entering into a contest then you might want to break out a book or two and see what it what...but other then that...its fun :thumb:)
yeah spot on crusader1xxx- with my small dios (rorkes drift,battle of britain,falklands,gallipoli etc ive tried to nail the underlying image of those theatres but on this one it was a bit of fun
Nice assortment of WW2 figures, I see you got one of the 3R Japanese paratroopers. An under appreciated set, I think.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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