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"A couple of tours in Iraq and this is the Christmas Present I get?"

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So, Mom found this Sweater that looked 1/6th... and thought it would look cute on a figure. Here it is!

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he has that "why did my wife knit this for me?" look to him...

and hey, my gloves!

nice find Mike, where'd she get it from?
:grinroll:grinroll:grinroll:grinroll:grinroll:grinroll:grinroll! That's cute:rolling!
Lol nice.
oh man that's funny......looks like somethin my mom bye for me in 1:1
Lol to funny.
he's got that apex of a xmas tree for enemies to target it, how sweeet. :D
Samantha38G cam
Mom's always seem to know our shirt sizes... apprently even in 1:6!
Oh good grief.
Yaaaahhh! Whatever to please Mom, as long as it's worn for her photos only heh heh.
Great Xmas present for OSW, too :thumb
Funny stuff, man! :lol He looks like he's hating life.
Lovely stuff.
:rolleyes :sadshake :rolleyes
His 1/6th buddies are going to take the p!ss out of him for getting a sweater from his mummy!
Could be worse,your ma could have sent you a 1:1 version to wear too ;)
Hahaha that's cool, think of how humiliating it would be for someone to get the crap kicked out of by someone wearing one of those!
how adorable! The gun makes it look more masculine!
1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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