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With the arrival of the Sideshow marine's next year, I decided to take a touch in my, modifying some parts that were off the scale.
Redid the torso, waist , helmet, hands and rifle..repainted and weathering to my taste.
He's not Tychus Findlay and also not Jim Raynor... he's a common Marine...

To give you an idea of the size it was..

and as it got...

If you want to see more pics;

Comments are welcome. :thumb

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Nothing about your figures are ever common.

Always fun to check out your customs.
Thank you cdn_rhino :thumb

wow! you are amazingly talented!
Thanks Cobra trooper. :thumb

Super well done...that thing must be huge....:bravo
And it was smaller than the first.. thanks crusader. :thumb

Your stuff is so good, and your scratchbuilding is so awesome, words fail to put your talent in proper perspective.

Really nice work
Come on zebraten, that way I get embarrassed :tongue thanks but the praise is reciprocal.:thumb

What a fantastic piece of art, excellent work.
Thank you muzzer. :thumb

Awesome, well done!!
Thanks Tiger. :thumb


We can always count on you to pull something new out of the bag.

:lol good to hear that rogerbee.. :thanks:thumb

Man oh man that is wicked.
Thanks Pickle Munkey. :thumb

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Absolutely incredible, great work!
Thanks germansoldiermp40. :thumb

Stuff like this shows the near limitless possibilities of the hobby. Awe-inspiring talents you have.
Thanks a lot pukingdog. :thumb


I wish I have some masterskills like your. A "common" marine not-so-common at all.

And you improved it too! Just great.
Thank you Alby the Slayer. :thumb

fala amigo.....demais seu trabalho,,,,os ****** pira kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

Hey Brother....nice traduction.......ahahahahahahahahaah
:lol thanks bro......:thumb
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