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A car for that occasion

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First of all Welcome Back OSW! These is a great Forum. May the Cyber gods keepyou alive for many years more and keep the good work!!
These is a Reference foto of a few vehicles in my garage...............


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Big motorpool there Kal! Though I'm surprised you don't have any motorcycles in there, since that's one of your primary modes of getting around.
What? No Bradley? Thats HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARDLY a motor pool.... kidding! Impressive collection! :)
the collection still not finish still need the seal jeep, and a few pocket rocket ones specialy the Ducati 916. I for got in the picture the german vehicle and the indian mc and the custom chopper one.
Where did you get the tool box stack?
The tool boxes I found it in a flea market.there Ipost the close up pictured of them to see if somebody could help idetifying them that way you could find out where to get them.
I was just gonna ask about the toolboxes myself... if anyone can identify them that would be fantastic, they're just what I need!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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