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I'd noticed recently that Osprey had done a large book on wars in China, and then coincidentally, they sent a .pdf file, showing some of the pictures used in the nearly 400 page book, and describing how they had to forgo including many more. That set the deal, and I bought a copy, which I received a few days ago.

China's Wars: Rousing the Dragon 1894-1949 by Philip Jowett​

The coverage of over fifty years of China's development of it's armies, and the numerous conflicts, includes a decent amount of text, and a wealth of illustrations. These include color reproductions of paintings and plates, as well as lots of detailed photos.

Nationalists in Manchuria, 1931-32, dug in against Japanese troops.

An airfield guard, in decidedly light kit.

A very satisfactory book, sort of what I wanted out of Osprey's Essential Histories, with far more pictures. I've got no problem recommending this one, either for enthusiasts of the subject, or history buffs looking to learn a lot more detail than school courses provide us.
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