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Here's a link to my OSW and Ebay feedback and references if that helps anyone -

eBay Seller: fareastthunder: items on

You can contact me via OSW PM. Or you can drop me an email at REMOVETHISfareastthunderREMOVETHISATyahooREMOVETHISDOTcom

Thanks for looking,



** denotes desire multiples if possible


Leon/The Professional full set or
- Headsculpt
- Pistols ( 22 Match pistol & long barrel 45)
- Big case
- Milk Carton & Glass Of Milk
- Plant
- Vest with pouches
- Grenades
- Bolt cutter & knife
- Long jacket and suspenders/pants


T800 scalpel**, foreceps** and pliers**
Indiana Jones DX - whip, fedora, leather jacket
Billy Sole black cloth shoulder holster ( no pistol needed)**
Avatar Jake Sully - Grenades , Future machinegun*
Predators Royce - Ax
Predators Noland - Future rifle, blade gauntlet, Predator mask/cowl
Sweeney Todd - shaving blade/razor and belt pouch
Blade - double shoulder holster**
Abigail Whistler - arrows, both headless and headed, arrow holders and cloth quiver, collapsed bow and thigh rig, non collapsed bow
Chris Redfield V2 - Minigun w/ ammo pack rig or just the ammo pack rig, mini pistol ammo boxes, first aid spray
Sheva - Benelli shotgun, ammo boxes
Albert Wesker V1 or V2 - big knife & sheath
John Connor Battle Damage - HK416 rifle**, exclusive PDA device
T600/T700 gatling gun and/or grenade launcher and ammo pack or just the ammo pack and feed
Robocop compensated Beretta pistol**
Terminator/EndoSkeleton Weapons (T2 minigun with belt/Plasma rifle 40Watt range)**
Appleseed Briareos Hechatonchires BIG Anti Material Rifle **

AVP Predator head ( Celtic, Chopper, Ancient)
AVP Anicom Exclusive Scar headsculpt x 1
AVP Ancient Exclusive spear with alien head trophy**
AVP groin & waist armor** and body netting**
AVP or P1 or P2 Reg/BD/Elder blade and/or bomb gauntlets**
AVP bladed or non bladed feet with ankle pegs**
Any AVP Predator full shoulder cannon system including bracket mount **
Set of AVP arms/elbowjoints/forearms/shoulder brackets ( picked up an armless AVP body)
Kane opened egg with or without system base**
Facehugger **
Chestburster (HT or Alien Killer)**
Falconer - skull, falcon
Tracker - Hound**
Predator 2: Shadow Predator (2011 Toy Fairs Exclusive) - trophy skull
Classic Predator - Exclusive Super Predator Skull
NECA Predator Hound

HT Headsculpts

- Iron Monger/Jeff Bridges
- Barney Ross/Stallone
- TrueType Advanced Obama ( just the neck)
- Transition neck attachments ( ball joint long version) and ankle/wrist pegs
- Assorted Truetype body parts ( any color, armor body ok too)

Sawtooth Bootfeet/Beet** ( from 75th and Scar Rangers)
P250 Pistol Spare light attachments only**
HT USMC Sniper cloth ammo cheekrest & rifle ammo **
PRC113 Radio antenna only ( TACP / need one extra loose single antenna) **
U.S.A.F. AIRMEN Benelli Shotgun w/ Reflex Sight, Light, Shell holder**
BCG ( Birth Control Glasses) from Airborne Ranger set**


TS M67 apple grenades with removable pins**
TS M34 WP White Phosophorus Grenade**


BBI M9 Beretta loose magazines ** ( Generation 3 style from Bones/Leon/Bobcat/Renegade, etc)
BBI Barney Browning Hi Power pistol w/ spare mag**
BBI Barney Browning Hi Power spare mags only**
BBI West/Sheriff/NYPD full duty belt with pouches and gear**
BBI Dark Green one hole balaclava
BBI War Journalist large video camera
BBI Stingray/Marcinko black rubber dive/diver boots x 1 sets ( HIGH PRIORITY)
DML Lensatic Compass from NBC/MOPP Josh and Flip sets x 4 ( HIGH PRIORITY)
DML WW2 Gascans**
DML USP pistol ( from Barrett set or Special Ops pistol set or Night Ops M4 set or Special Ops Vest set)
DML Water Bottles ( from MRE sets)
DML SPAS 12 folding stock shotguns
DML Stan MP5N**
DML full stock MP5N ( bottom weapon in picture)
DML Fire Support Weapons Set Shotguns ( two middle ones, GSG9 shotgun and heat vent full stock pump action shotgun)
DML CyberHobby Greg Exclusive Barrett Muzzle-Brake
DML Winona M40 sniper rifle
DML German WW2 KAR98 sniper rifle with working bolt
DML Ogawa folding Etool**
DML toothbrush** and EOD Jimmy food cans**
DML Jackson/Pollack 50 cal ammo can**
DML WW2 Animals ( PTO series) - parrot, crab, turtle, monkey
DML DSS Patrick McGuiness belt badge**
DML Hubert/Sydney Savage giant chrome revolver


Villains urban camo Humvee aka "Urban Assault Vehicle" ( Loose is fine, complete if possible)
Police Command Vehicle ( Loose is fine, complete if possible)
Auz and Tazz Mantracker Set ( Loose is ok, don't need human, but need all the rest)
EMT IV bags** (any medical gear from any brand considered with picture)
Gas/water cans**
Brush Crew firefighter ax


US Navy EODMU11 - M440A1 Gasmask and attached backpack rig/filters aka C420 PAPR
SEAL SDV Team 1 - tan pack, pistol, shotgun,wrist GPS, gloved hands
FCS TF Testing Team pistol tac lights, gloved hands
SOAR - helmet with NVGs, complete M4 rifle kit
PLA Counterattack - AK47 w/ folding stock
10th SF M4/203 with EoTech, PEQ15, grenades, PMags**
USMC Marine in Afghan - knife and sheath
USMC Marine - knife and sheath
US Army Ranger - Rifle set up, Hurst Rabbit Forced Entry Tool with Alice Frame
HK 416 long barrel from FCS Crye with ACOG**
Sig Sauer pistols ( various releases) **
SFOD/MSOB/45 caliber pistol mags only**
SFOD flashbangs (ventilated)**
M4 Attachments ( EOTechs, PEQ15/16, lowered rear iron sights, SOAR flashlight attachments)**
M4 loose metal rounds ( unspent, full size) **
45 caliber pistol rounds loose from Bastonge set( unspent) **
M67 baseball grenades**
Rifle/Weapons Rack system**
WW2 Jake McNiece TNT Blocks**
WW2 German Jerry Cans ( any color)**
20 round Pmags black**


Snake Eyes Exclusive push blade and sheath
Firefly Exclusive IED bomb
Duke Exclusive Binoculars & nagalene clear bottle
Stalker machete/kurki knife and sheath
Zartan head, armor, compound bow, arrows, knife, boots, rifle, backpack
General Hawk - PPC revolver and shoulder holster & nagalene clear bottle
Black Ninja - Sword and sheath, weapon chain
Cobra Viper Magpul Masada rifle w/ accessories**
Cobra Crimson Guard - Kriss submachinegun, paratrooper FN FAL rifle w/ bayonet
Diorama - Urban Threat Condition RED big bomb
Star Wars Commander Bacara head only


Elfbait or Delta275 and/or custom medical gear** (HIGH PRIORITY)
Black Box metal large warhead
Black Box EOD bomb disposal Talon robot
ZY Toys-Milkor MGL-140&105&short barrel grenade launchers ( any)
ZY Toys - 40mm OD and black grenade bandolier/belts
ZY Toys Ranger finger Binoculars/Windmeter ( various weapons sets)
ZY Toys M40A5 Olive Drab rifle
ZC Toys Weapon Case ( black) **
ZC World Nikita - black suitcase, ankle pistol and holster, shoulder holster
ZC Girl Muriel CheyTac M200 Sniper Rifle black version
Triadtoys: DEAD CELL-JADE VAN HELSING - Machete and over the back sheath
Triadtoys Josh Randall mare leg lever action
Toys City: USAF CCT-HALO - General Dynamics small laptop
Toys City:SEAL TEAM 5 MOUNTAIN OPS - Richard Marcinko headsculpt & binoculars
Toys City: CIA - binoculars
Toys City British Royal Navy's Special Boat Service (SBS) - Sean Connery headsculpt
Toy City US Navy NSW Marksman - Slap Charge Explosives w/ Pouch
Art Figure Saves Punisher - Ray Stevenson headsculpt
Art Figures Navy Head - Bruce Willis headsculpt and shoulder knife and sheath
Art Figures Avenger - Punisher T shirt
DID Ralf bolt action scoped rifle
DID WW2 US Combat Medic minature scissors/clamps/tools in case**
DID WWII Bastogne 1944 - Trench/Knuckle Knife
DID SD Plainclothes T Becker aka TBag headsculpt & pistol suppressor & cigarette case w/ loose cigarettes
Playhouse NAVY SEAL Team 10 - Foretrex GPS, rifle optics, Tourniquet
Playhouse OD/Black Omega vests with shotgun shells ( no mannequin needed)
Playhouse Somalia/D-Boy - Tan work boots**
Playhouse Strider WB Mod 10 knife w/Sheath**
Playhouse GSG9 Low Profile - belt holster, black bag, black jacket
Enterbay 24 - David Palmer nude or headsculpt
Heroic Perfection Killer ( aka The Professional) - Case, plant, carton of milk
Taowan:1/6 The Scepter Military Fuel Cans & Water Cans Set
Toyrrific black cloth boots** & OD green sniper drag bag
Hasbro Weapons Tech Barrett Light 50 Sniper Set ( loose complete is fine) **
Headplay - Will Smith/older Sean Connery/Beat Takashi head
Dr. Figures white hockey/goalie mask ( from Heat series)
Crazy Cop badge on chain
Wild Works green knitted balaclava (one hole)
Very Hot K9 with sunglasses and armor ( black SWAT and military camo)
Inflames Metal Boss cardboard box**
GI Joe Hasbro zodiac raft - motor only, fire extinguisher, water bottles, fencing, corrugated metal, crutches, big laptop, molotovs, dogs, big kneepads,etc
Mcfarlane Strange Brew Doug and Bob Mckenzie - Loose complete or just the diorama pieces from it
Re-Ment food items (Show me what you have)
Armoury army ration mess kit set
Power Team - UAV, bomb disposal robot, boxing set, fire extinguisher
Scale Store - Drink Cases set/Food Accessories set ( Loose is fine, incomplete ok, show me what you have)
Loading Toys Halbet ( aka The Rock) and D-Boy ( aka Will Smith) headsculpts
Loading Toys Deadmask Series ( black)
Battlegear Toys - Winchester lever action rifle, Double barrel shotgun
Gigatent Mini Command Tent
Coleman Minature Display Tent**
GoGoGo M4 Military Case ( Any color) **
Wall-E mini robot
Fire Extinguisher ( show me what you have)
Headlamp/forehead light with strap ( Various brands)
1/6th Dogs - (Show me what you have)
Any medical gear ( show me what you have)
Any tools ( DID WW2 saw, shovel, wire cutters, Tech Deck screwdrivers, show me what you have)
Any diorama items - Crates, boxes, food, water bottles, soda cans, Pick Up Guitars, wine bottles, small furniture, tables, oil drums, etc (show me what you have)


Sideshow Boba Fett
HT Iron Monger
DID 8th Anniversary Edition T.Becker SD (Sicherheitsdienst) in plain clothes.

CUSTOM (Looking for occasional custom work/build)

1/6th black nunchaku of the Dragon Nunchaku with Bruce Lee.jpg
The Walking Dead Daryl Dixon crossbow
1/6th Blade The Vampire vest ( First film)

1/6th Blade The Vampire shotgun w/ stakes ( First film) & Reinhardt blade Beretta

Printables - food can labels, milk cartons, food boxes, ammo boxes ( Can discuss)


Dremel drill heads/bits
Hobby paint - gunmetal, OD green, black
Gameboy Advanced with games ( good working condition, show me what you have, it's for the child of a friend, not a high priority/value)

If you have any questions, feel free to PM me anytime.


-HT Sheva Boots

-HT Wesker Head

-HT Jill Valentine body

HT Jill Valentine Headsculpt

HT DX Joker Base

HT Terminator 1 Muscle body

Retired OSW Staff
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I have a buddy in the hobby looking to put together the Commando Elite from the movie Small Soldiers. The biggest thing he's going to need help with is the outfits.

Here are some picture for anyone who doesn't remember the film, which was kind of a tribute for GI Joe and action figures.

I've considered WW2 duckhunter camo and VN tigerstripe and modern desert tigerstripe and the Rhodesian camo from the TUS Mercenary, but curious for the folks here, do you guy have any suggestion from any 1/6th brand unis that you think might fit for some of the figures clothing above for kitbashing?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions, advice or help. Will trade for anything that is suitable, but pictures of what you have are needed thanks.

Needs -

It looks like I'll need 1 full BDU set of the modern desert tiger stripe like look, but it would need to be on the large size as it would probably be for a HT T-800 body.

I'd need 1 vietnam era tiger stripe pants. Plus maybe one full BDU set for Chip Hazard.

If you happen to have some spotty green BDU shirts, I'd need three of those.

And if you happen to have a green tank top (not just a sleeveless shirt) I could use one of those.
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