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This is the NEW US Regular Drum that we are producing at the moment, with the ability to write the Regiment number and State on the front the drum on the Red Scroll - this one so happens to be the 69th New York Regiment. Rhonda is to be thanked for the Artwork on the Drum, it is copied from an original drum of the Civil War period. The Hardee is another of Rhonda's creations. Enough of 'pushing' the Drum and Hardee......

The figure is a Dragon, the Battlegear Toys clothing seems to 'fit' this size of body so much better than the Sideshow figures. Just fell in love with Musician Frock Coats, and so we purchased the Coat and Pants, the rest is Sideshow, the pictures do not show the sword on the figure, my mistake, but it is converted SOTW sword in a scabbard from Sideshow.

Close up of the '69th Reg.t U.S. NEW YORK S.V.' on the Drum, this can be any Regiment as required.

Picture showing the attachment of the Drum to the cross belt

Thanks for looking.

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