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Originally, I was just going to cut open a DML 50. cal sniper rifle and glue a DID brass 50 cal round to the bolt. So that when I pull the bolt handle back, the receiver will not be empty, and a round will be sitting inside the receiver nice and happy. After I disassembled the rifle. I decided to make this a single shot, bolt action. So I started to cut here and cut there. Drill here, and drill there. Glue this, and glue that. Next thing I know. I ended up with a whole new bolt and receiver. At that point. I'm thinking, WTH. I don't want the norms anyway. So I junk the DML and built a new one from scratch and parts.

I kept the original DML 50 cal mag, lower receiver , butt stock and barrel. With the barrel, I off the front half of the flash hider, and glued a muzzle from a WW2 German anti-tank rifle. I thought that made the rifle looks more fear. Front half of the lower body and bipod base came from Accuracy International sniper rifle L96A1. Pistol grip from PSG-1. Scope, laser aim pointer, top rail and flip-up sights from DML. Stock support top half came from Police knife stick. Bottom half from WW2 German paratroops FG42 rifle flash hider. Both DML. Now that I'm done. I think maybe I should to go back and rework the stock support to make it foldable for transport.

I don't know, maybe because of the size, I guess. This one took a little more work then all my M4 and M14 mod. You can see all that in my website

So, now. I need to bash a figure for this gun. Hope you all enjoy this built.


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Here are more pic before painting. Enjoy. :)


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Wow, great work Good Duck, its a beauty of a rifle. I'm unfamiliar with .50 caliber rifles aside from the barrett series, is yours based off of a 1:1? It looks quite familiar but I can't put my finger on it. Thanks for the breakdown as well, nice resourcefulness to find parts, its almost something I could do. :p
Sorry, forgot to show my ref pic again. the 1st is my ref. The 2nd and so on are what I'm think of doing next. But, not sure yet.


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Great work!

Also, I recomend checking out Good Duck's website. He has some great prints and some really cool t-shirts, all his design.
Hiya, Good Duck!

Sweet looking bash / scratch build! Great use of parts and thanx for the "how did he do it".

Proud son of Rose and Wes
Impressive, dosen't do this justice. Love the build and the how to!Very impressive!!!
That's one great looking rifle. Impressive.
Sweet work!
Very cool:) I enjoy your originality and creativity. Fun to look at the pics studying the different parts. Great custom.
Fantastic, fantastic, fantastic, fantastic.............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
jaw dropping once again. gonna send u my doctor's bill for fixing my dislocated jaw. :D
Loved that write up, great mod mate.
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