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Hi Again here after another inactive period, I come strongly :).
There the first one goes

After being deliberating if to do a group of SAS or RMC, ultimately they have gained(earned) the RMC,
after all sound my favorite ones.
I am going to create a group of six figures and here I you expose the firs

DML: uniform, jacket, glasses, belt, loaders, knife (the case is of my crop) and radio
BBI: shirt, beret, SA80
ACE: pistol and case
ST: gloves
BS: body and boots
The base is different of my tests(proofs) with the poliestireno and I have wanted to simulate a bit of asphalt,
but seeing the photos I will give him(her) little mas of black.
And nothing mas, I wait you like it(him,her).

I ask for excuses you for my English.

1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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