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3rd division Irak 2003

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It enjoys several modifications. At the begining it was a dragon boxe. I add interceptor, kneepads and boots from Toy Soldier. The gazmask bag doesnt perfectly fit. I don't how to use this BBi version.

- DiD head
- Dragon body with BBI hands + Soldier Stoy green nomex gloves.
- Dragon patches form 3rd Div.
- TS 3 colors BUD + Helmet + desert boots + Interceptor vest
- Dragon poches + BBI hydration
- BBI m4
- ACE holster w/ M9

The next step will be to put the clothes and gears in dirty water and to use pastel + "sand paper". I got kneepads but I didnt want to have a special force but just a "GY joe" / 1st class. Maybe the M9 is too much.

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tres bien!!

yes the weathering would be excellent on these

nice job
Nice figure and i believe the knee pads are pretty standard for all soldiers for past few years.
Wow, those are some great looking figures.
Great rebash[es]! Hmm sadly I only recall a couple of his previous incarnations, so I'll have to look them up some time, but I think he's a pretty good representation of a 3rd ID soldier in 2003. I know my friend went in with an M9/dropleg like this one, so its not implausible; and I think a couple members here were in OIF1, so they may be able to lend their experience to your bash as well. Nices poses too, especially considering its a DML body.
Me like.
very nice!!!!
Good looking 3rd I.D. troops!!!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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