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3rd Cavalry Scout Operation Iraqi Freedom Dec.2005

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This bash is made by inspiration from a fellow member on the board,
"Brave Rifles". Please enjoy, comments and criticism on welcome

And Have A Great Christmas everyone!
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Cowboys bashing again!! Nice one!!
Whoaa, thanks brother, am honored. :O

I see you found the DCU ACH that you were looking for and glad you have found the time to "play" :thumb
Nice Cav Scouts cowboys, good to see you're having fun with your figures. I'm glad to see that you recovered the top barrel guard from Schneider's M4/203, it seemed to have fallen off in the second picture. I'd hate to lose one of those parts.
Merry Christmas to you too!
:jawdrop :thumb :jawdrop :thumb
thanks guys for all the comments, i
im still working on the humvee, its very dry right now, needs some weather some new paint, and some innerds to complete it, but a long way to go on the humvee.
Great looking trooper you have there Brandon. I hope the IBA and M4 helps you :)
Love those 3rd ACR guys. Scouts Out! :thumb
wow almost forgot about this thread lol.
19D is the arguably the best combat arms MOS in the army. Too bad not many scout bashes around. :(
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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