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UPDATE: August 4, 2008

Today is the last day to enter. I will go through this post tomorrow (Tues, August 5) and then post a poll for OSW members to vote on their favorite sci-fi bash of the year. The voting will last at least two weeks and everyone, sci-fi fans and non-fans alike, are encouraged to vote. This year has been an amazing year and I'm beyond impressed with the number and quality of the entries. More on that tomorrow once the contest is officially over...

UPDATE: July 30, 2008

I've decided to extend the entry date ONE LAST TIME to August 4, 2008 so more folks can enter. I received a few emails and PMs regarding getting those last minute "tweeks" done and wanted to be sure everyone would be ready so you now have this weekend to work. If you've already posted and would like to edit your post, feel free. It's only fair...

Please contact me if you have any questions and thanks again for entering!

Following the success of the 2nd Annual Sci-Fi Group Bash last year, we're officially announcing the 3rd ANNUAL SCI-FI GROUP BASH!


Entries will be accepted beginning May 15, 2008 and will cease on July 31, 2008 at midnight (central time). Please post your figure in your first post in this thread and PM me (crowinghorse) so I can add it to the roster below. Thank you.


- all bashes must be in 1:6 scale
- all bashes must be the contestant's/entrant's own
- Entries can be previously seen bashes, though new bashes are preferred
- There are no limitations to what can or can't be used (material-wise)
- Entries must include some sort of back story in conjunction with the bash's background story (below) to include character/custom information
- Entries must include at least three unaltered/unedited photos of the bash. A maximum of 8 photos can be posted with the five additional photos making use of photoshop or other edited programs.
- OSW members may enter up to three times (three separate figures/bashes/groups/vehicles/etc)
- judging will be done by the community as a whole beginning July 31 and ending TBD in August 2008.


The first Galactic War began on Christmas Eve, 2009 when the first aliens exposed themselves to mankind and made it known humanity wasn't the only intelligent - or war-fighting - beings in the universe. Fearing what they did not understand, the Americans, Chinese and Russians launched a coordinated strike against the ETs, turning much of Africa and the Middle East - the ET's place of settlement - into little more than a barren wasteland.

The aliens retaliated with technology which seemed almost magical in nature, devastated much of North America, Europe, Russia and Asia. In turn, most of the world's remaining population armed itself and volunteered to fight after learning it wasn't just one alien species that had invaded their planet but numerous species of aliens and extra-terrestrial life that had joined forces to decimate the planet simply known as "Earth."

Now, in the year 2011 - two years after that initial strike and humanity's greatest defeat - mankind suffers but continues to endure....

The remaining humans fight for their right to life against not only the various ETs which have invaded their lands, but rogue bands of treacherous humans who have sold their services to these hi-tech invaders. Likewise, a variety of rogue aliens from numerous planets have taken up the human's cause and fight their own along side some of the bravest souls humanity has to offer...

ROSTER (by customizer's forum name, in no particular order)


-idreamoftoshiba - entry #1

-idreamoftoshiba - entry #2

- crowinghorse

-Warrior 1st BN

- Wardog_001

- mgbb

- Big Dave

- CalvinLo

- gaiagear

- 2088 - Entry #1

- 2088 - Entry #2 -

- KidAkira - Entry #1

- KidAkira - Entry #2

- KidAkira - Entry #3

- shaun1162

- rfr5671

- WarlordsKeep

- widescene

- Sir Eaton Flipflop

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, feel free to send me a PM or post as well!

Thanks again and let's have a great group bash!


The term "group bash" only means we (as in the forums) are doing the bash as a "group" with a common theme. Unlike the "Bash of the Month" contest - in which there are no common theme between entries - this bash has a particular theme (sci-fi) which binds them all together and thus gives at least a bit of guidance to what each contestant can make and enter. There's no need for a contestant to make a "group" of figures.

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Kelly "K-Burn" Sherburn, human resistance messager and solo operative

Kelly Sherburn, a 27 years old physical fitness trainer and Marine Corps wife, was babysitting the neighborhood children - including her twin 4 year old sons, when the aliens known at the Thomb invaded Camp Pendleton and killed her dreams of a normal life...

Her husand, Staff Sergeant Bruce Sherburn, a member of 1st Force Recon, fought gallantly along with the other Marines stationed there, but overwhelmed by the massive, blade-encrusted warriors from a planet far outside our galaxy, Kelly's husband and all but a few Marines were killed.

Waking in a puddle of her own blood, both legs severed above the knees, Kelly was rescued by her husband's best friend, USMC Master Sergeant Thomas Paine. Taken to a safe house high in the Sierra Nevada mountains where her legs were allowed to heal, Kelly became a part of MSgt. Paine's resistance. Thanks to Paine's military experiance and linguistic abilities, he and a number of other Marines who had survived the Pendleton Massacre struck a truce with a number of the friendly alien factions in order to combat the evil Thomb, known by the other aliens for the ruthless and diabolical tactics.

When the opportunity for Kelly's legs to be replaced by advanced robotic technology was offered, Kelly underwent the painful transformation into a cyborg of sorts, merging her human nervous system and the alien robotic technology in order to give her a new pair of legs. A quick learn, Kelly became a messenger and and one of the most successful solo operatives in the Pacific Northwest, due in no small part to the young Thomb warrior she rescued following a particularly violent attack on a Thomb spacecraft which left over 200 Thomb dead and Kelly nursing the young Thomb to health. Called "Spike" by the resistance members, this young Thomb has been taught to fight against his own kind...

Traveling behind enemy alien lines utilizing a variety of advanced alien and old-school human technology, Kelly and Spike work to avenge the human race. Codenamed K-Burn, there's no better messenger duo nor operative team west of the Mississippi...

Traveling with as few - and as powerful - weapons as possible, Kelly regularly carries a modified laser-enhanced 7.62mm machine gun, 12ga. scoped auto shotgun pistol, various shoulder fired rocket launchers, and a modified alien laser pistol (carried on her right calf). Kelly wears a modified thermal suit which allows her to operate in both the hottest and coldest of environments and because of her robotic legs, which allow her to run at speed upwards of 135 KPH and jump more than 35 feet straight up, Kelly is able to travel as much as 2,500 miles without maintenance or recharge. The perfect messenger, Kelly carries hand-written communications between human resistance contingents throughout the western USA in order to ensure perfect security. Her modified Zero-Degree helmet features an integrated HUD which allows her to see a full 360 degrees and her helm faceplate features a modified compartmentalized re-breather which allows her to breath even the most toxic or chemically-polluted air.

Kelly and Spike


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Lone Gunmen 2011 - ACT I: Xarah; ACT II: Shining Tonopah

<abbreviated version of the backstory>

The Gunmen
Lone gunmen 2011, a mysterious group who emerged shortly after the Great Catastrophe of 2009: Invasion of the Solar System by extraterrestrial forces now known as Doshken League. No one truly have any knowledge of their identities; the only piece of information exists so far is that the group consists of mostly humans with paranormal abilities beyond comprehension, though some witnesses vowed that some are not entirely humans at all. The group has been staging attacks on League forces since 2010 according to eyewitness accounts. They seemingly appeared straight out of thin air, conducted their attack runs, and then disappeared once again the same manner as they made an entry. Though they were described as a group, Lone Gunmen rarely travelled as a pack; usually just one at a time or maybe two at most. The reason behind why they were labeled as a group is with each attack, there were always similar attacks elsewhere around the globe by other Gunmen which led to a theory that the attacks were being coordinated by some sort of telepathy between group members. So in retrospect the act alone as individuals, and yet they act collectively in a broader sense.

Zenkathi alliance and T'Quaa'n Conglomerate, the two League factions responsible for this region of space, have been steadily losing ships and manpower. One of their orbital command stations above the Eastern Pacific was single-handedly destroyed by two Lone Gunmen just a week ago. The station could not even send out a distress signal before it disintegrated. League high command's spy network so far has nothing regarding the Lone Gunmen's identities, let alone their intention. Not even their human collaborators have any lead on this. News of the attack did not go unnoticed; in fact it served as a huge moral boost for the small but growing human resistance movement. Though some in the movement are weary about their true intention, for the most part they're glad to have an unseen ally on their side in the long struggle ahead.

ACT I: Xarah
Xarah - One of the younger members of Lone Gunmen, was once a promising test pilot and triathlete before her extra-human abilities emerged after a freak lightning strike. She has been in an internal struggle with the newly emerging psychokinesis aspects that nearly drove her to self-destruction. At the end she finally made peace with them and started to appreciate the potential behind these abilities. Two of her strongest skills are teleportation and inter-dimensional viewing. The latter one is particularly valuable for her during the League invasion as some of the league factions are non-corporeal beings who travel through dimensional portals. She has been sensing the existence of others who shared similar psychokinesis properties years before the invasion; but never made any attempt to contact them until approached one day by an old lady who told her she's on a collision course with her destiny and she must confront it no matter what. When the invasion began, her inner voice urged it was the time and she never looked back ever since. As a member of the Lone Gunmen group, Xarah has been in constant contact with other members across the planet through remote telepathy. Though she never met many of them in persons, their connections are as close-knitted as old friends. Like many others, Xarah usually works alone for the collective cause. From time to time however, she would team up with other members for more complex missions. Two of her favorite teammates are an ex-SF soldier who goes by the name Shining Tonopah, and a much younger male who insists others calling himself Mojave.

ACT II: Shining Tonopah
Shining Tonopah - born Warren Fairchild, was an ex-Special Forces captain whose ancestral roots can be traced back to the Nuxálk First Nation who inhibited British Colombia coast for centuries. Unlike Xarah, Warren knew something's different since his early childhood. Something that was about to emerge from his body, but was unable to pinpoint what it was. The sensation has subsided gradually as he aged, but the experience has been preoccupying him ever since. Even therapy such as hypnosis was unable to yield any clue. He knew one day it would resurface and he'll be ready for it. Like many of his families, Warren enlisted into military during his early adulthood, but was severely wounded during a firefight near Pakistani border while on his third tour to Afghanistan. He and his wounded comrades were airlifted out to Ramstein, then stateside for extensive rehabilitation. Eventually he was medically discharged, After returning to civilian life, Warren work as an outreach worker for homeless people. It was one of those chilling January night that he was beaten until unconscious by thugs while trying to held off their attack on a group of homeless people whom he has been delivering hot meals every week, the incident had left him slipping into coma for the next three months. Then one day he woke up; first thing he asked the nurse was what happened to the homeless people that night, were they all right? The beating incident not only changed his life, but also trigged the extra-human properties buried deep inside his sub-consciousness to resurface. Unlike many other Lone Gunmen whose abilities emerged like volcano eruptions and often spinning out of control during initial stage, his emerging was more like a water stream quietly seeping through drought earth. While Warren shares some common traits such as teleportation and remote telepathy with other members; some of his attributes are unique to him. One of them is the ability to harness energy from nature and release it in the form he desires. The custom traditional ceremonial staff passed on from his ancestors serves an amplifier for the raw energy to channel out to its targets, however Warren avoids using it this way whenever possible because of its destructive power. Many years before the League invasion, he started to hear and notice clues that told him to get ready for future Earth event that requires his service. Though he has no idea what that is, he prepared himself anyway. When the League's orbital bombardment began on Christmas Eve of 2009, Warren knew from his heart immediately that this was the event the clues were pointing to. The answer to this is rather simple: Make contact with others who possess similar extra-human attributes no matter how far apart they are across the globe, to see what they can do with the catastrophe that the alien invaders have casted upon this planet.


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Professor Ishioka

Professor Ishioka labours on. It has been 40 hours since he has had any sustenance and he knows he will need to risk stopping soon to hook himself up to his makeshift nutrient processing machine. He hates the necessary inconvenience of this ritual. His gravity boots wear against his heels like a grater on a knob of ginger. The atmosphere he is entering is thick and toxic. He wishes he could remove his filtration mask long enough for the blisters around his mouth to dry out and heal. His impotent robotic arm weighs on his shoulder socket causing him blinding muscle spasms with every attempted use. He presses on.
With no family and no career his only motivation now is a basic need to survive. For what purpose he is unsure. Everything he once lived for is gone. Even the once beautiful lush countryside of Takeshi-muri, Chiisagatagun is nothing but a raped, desolate landscape.
He stops still. He wonders if he is hearing voices again. Those voices, reminding him of his failure. A failure to protect and save the people and world he loved. No. He hears it again. It’s not a human voice forming words and sentences. This is different. Guttural, torturous, howling sounds. He had heard this before. The alien beast. He feels for his treasured sword stored on his enormous heaving survival pack. He inherited the Samurai sword from his great grandfather. A Ronin who refused to commit hara kiri after his beloved master died in his arms after the Plague of Darkness stole his final breath. Professor Ishioka is mindful of the similar path he has led to his great grandfather. Is he destined to suffer the same baron loneliness until his end?
Again he hears the call of the beast. Sword drawn and frozen still he listens daring not to breathe in case the oxygen pump draws the attention of the hungry alien. He hears a scream. A human scream. His heart drops as he watches a young girl naked and weathered from malnutrition and noxious desert dust. She starts to run from her hiding place behind a small boulder. She is very close to where Professor Ishioka can hear the hunting calls of the alien invader. Professor Ishioka has seen the beast hunt before. He knows he can’t save the girl. He knows before she takes her fourth step away to safety it will be on her. Devouring her with the ferocity of a pack of starving hyenas. He squeezes his eyes shut wincing at the carnage before him. He turns his back to the feasting beast knowing that the creature is now sated and he will be safe from harm for another hour.
Why has he been saved yet again? Professor Ishioka senses that there is a purpose to his survival. He has been left safe from these horrible killing machines many times before. He tries to remember back to his days before The Invasion. His work in cutting edge bioengineering in the Masuzawa Laboratory. Could there be a way to kill these intruders?


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Mitt Kerr (Elder Leader of the Slushass)

The Tarks have been visiting the Earth for centuries, collecting living samples during each of their visits. Experiments with crossbreeding of various species have created many different results, the Slushass are one such result. A splicing of human and reptilian DNA has created a breed suitable for many environments, but with their homeworld threatened by the GueVoc's, the Slushass have attempted to return to their planet of "origin", because of similar living conditions. When the Slushass reach Earth on December 24 2009, they are unaware that the GueVoc's have followed and vowed to eliminate every last Slushass alive, and so the "Great Interstellar War of 2009" began. Humans launch an attack on all aliens believing them all to be hostile. Mitt Kerr and his people are sympathetic to humans for the situation they have been thrust upon, regardless of the fact that thousands of his people were massacred by atomic weapons. After learning the truth behind the "visitors", many humans become sympathetic to the Slushass, but many hate them for fear of misunderstanding and for bringing the other hostile aliens.

Slushass can live to the approximate age of 120 human years, Mitt Kerr is around 98 (but they don't keep track of such things), which puts him as an elder leader of his people. A seasoned veteran of many planetary wars, he has proven himself to be wise in both military planning and the daily governing of his people. His military cunning during the Lugoosh Wars prooved his abilities to lead his soldiers and his people to overcome and triumph over any obsticle, cementing his role as a capable leader. Unfortunately during that war, he received a wound that damaged nerves to his eye, and he has become very susceptible to infection.

The main food source of the people is called Spoldass. A mature adult Spoldass is an asexual creature that can produce up to a dozen offspring a month. Spoldass secrete an oily substance that contains toxic properties, that depending on your species can either numb, paralyze or kill you. The Slushass can either eat or drink Spoldass. Eating provides all the nutrition needed, but by blending Spoldass along with their environmental water, creates a gel-like liquid refered to as Spoldatiss, or 'Tiss for short. The effect of blending the creatures with the water creates a euphoric drug-like effect to the Slushass. Soldiers carry small packs housing 1 mature Spoldass and many of it's offspring. The individual packs combine a living chamber and a blending chamber for creating fresh 'Tiss.

As an elder leader, Mitt Kerr does not carry the traditional blaster weaponry of the foot soldiers, but he does wear a gauntlet that houses many close quarter combat weapons. These weapons include poisonous darts, small round laser bursts, and a hose connected to the blending chamber for spraying 'Tiss at any opponent which will blind, burn, paralyze or kill them. Razor blades on the gauntlet and a traditional spiked knuckle wrap, have proven very handy in past battles, and although he has rarely used them anymore, he keeps them more as his status symbol allows. He also wears a decomissioned grenade mostly for adornment, because as he put's it, "I'm fond of it".


Spoldass with container of 'Tiss


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Sounds good. Is this a group bash or individual bashes?

I have to say that this is an amazing group of figures that each one of you has come up with. I am proud to be able to put my two figures in there as well.


ERSOC FT Personnel File 345208977.984.000000

Sergeant Cameron Miller
D.O.B. 9/3/1973
Male 6' 2" 185 Lbs.
I.Q. 141

Specialist in multiple combat systems and tactics. Former US ARMY Delta.

Load-out for SPIRIT MISSION:

ANBCP ( Advanced Nuclear Biological Chemical Protective ) suit.
GIRO ICCP ( Integrated Combat Communications Protective ) helmet with IV ( Intelligent Visor )
Helstrom ANBCP Kevlar combat gloves.
Onitsuka Tiger ( Asics ) Tiger Paw ANBCP combat boots.
Skramtech MCP ( Multi Connection Platform ) - with ICCP link, VHK2897 Radio and dual GoPro778 wrist computers.
Skramtech GOBI vest w/Smartech Spider Silk body armor.
XM11 heavy bore sniper rifle.
M7 7mm support rifle.
Ithaca Shortshot compact shotgun.
Walther P100 handgun w/Skramtech LAM.
Abbott & Lang AL5 Titanium snub nose.
Skramtech Titanium combat knife w/carbon fiber sheath.
Skramtech Titanium tactical folder.
Traverse 540 rescue belay w/Petzl Blackhawk PB 5 tactical rappelling harness.
Skramtech Alexander Tarasov AA88 Anti Armor heavy weapon w/Golomasyx equipped RLK78 rockets.
GMSX Golomasyx hand grenades.

Skramtech AKIHIRO combat robots ( Huey, Dewey and Louie )
Skramtech AFAMP ( Advanced First-Aid Med Pak ) w/allwell multi threat vaccinator.

May 27th. 2016

14:30 Hrs.

What follows is an interview with Sergeant Cameron Miller of the ERSOC ( Earth Response Special Operations Command ) SPAT ( Special Purposes and Tactics ) Fire Team X-Ray. X-ray was one of the fire teams involved in Operation SPIRIT ( December 14th 2012 ). SPIRIT was the turning point in The Grey War... The war between humanity and the HAF ( Hostile Alien Force - oftentimes referred to as Mr. Grey, or Grey in reference to the color of their skin ). Some details of BAF ( Benign Alien Force - oftentimes referred to as Mr. Blue, or Blue in reference to the color of their skin. ) involvement in SPIRIT are still classified and have been removed from the interview for ERSOC security purposes.

Sergeant Cameron Miller is a tall lanky man with an easy going and relaxed nature. He is intelligent and witty, and speaks in the drawl of his native Pecos Texas. Despite his age he still sports a boyish grin and full head of sandy blond hair. We meet at his family's 40 acre ranch in Pecos, West Texas. We sit on the porch overlooking the sun baked land and sipping iced tea that Cameron's wife Isabelle has brought out for us. The day is warm and there is light breeze blowing. To our left is the weathered old hanger where Cameron keeps his fully restored 1930 Travel Air bi-plane. We can hear the laughter of Cameron and Isabelle's children: Cory age twelve, and Alice age eight, as they play with Huey, the family's HIRO...

Sergeant Miller, thank you for agreeing to sit down for this interview.

No problem. And please, call me Cam.

Alright. Cam, how did you feel when you were told that you were going to be involved in the military's plan to use robots in the war?

( laughs ) I wasn't too thrilled. These robots were a new technology and largely untested in the field. But we were getting wiped out by the Grey and were desperate for something that would help to turn the tide in our favor.

Eventually you warmed up to the idea of the robots?

Yes. After our fire team was flown out to the Skramtech lab and proving grounds to see a demonstration of the robots. Up to that point in the war most of the robotic technology being used to fight the Grey was more conventional - UAV's, UCAV's, USCOV's... But these new bots were a whole different thing. Far beyond anything anyone had ever seen. ASIMO on steroids ( laughs again ).

You trained with and used two different types of robots in battle, and eventually a third type was developed just before Operation SPIRIT.

Yes. AKIO ( Autonomous Kinetic Operative ) and MASARU ( Medical Surgical Autonomous Robotic Unit ).
Both highly dependable, and widely used leading up to SPIRIT. The third design utilized many of the features found in both the AKIO and MASURA. It was designated: AKIHIRO ( Advanced Kinetic Humanoid Robotic Intelligence Operative ). The best of both worlds - a rugged combat-ready agent that could also aid seriously injured human operators. The AKIHIRO also featured improved armor, more computing power, and could move a little faster than the AKIO and MASARU. They were all given Japanese language acronym titles because of the invaluable work that Professor Fumio Morioka lent to the project. Each twelve-man SPEC OPS fire team was equipped with three AKIHIRO's - or HIRO's for short. Although we all ended up giving them different names... My team's HIRO's were named: Huey, Dewey and Louie, after the bots in the movie Silent Running ( grins ).

And much of this robotic technology would have been impossible without the help we received from the BAF?

That's true. The Blue and the Grey had an adversarial history that went back centuries, across dozens of galaxies and thousands of worlds. The main purpose of the Grey seemed to be to conquer worlds and wipe out their inhabitants. Mean suckers the Grey. The Blue were the opposite in every respect... benign, friendly... They made it their mission to try and stop the Grey from destroying race after race and pillaging world after world. After so many years of brutal fighting the Blue were on verge of extinction themselves. They used up most of their remaining resources to reach Earth. They landed here six months after the Grey - bruised and limping along with most of their weapons inoperative or severely damaged. But that didn't mean they couldn't aid us technologically. Besides, being so close to extinction themselves meant that in a way the Blue needed us almost as much as we needed them. So they began helping our scientists and engineers to develop new defensive systems as well as new weapon systems to strike back at the Grey. The robots were a big part of that.

So by the time the plans had been laid for Operation SPIRIT, ERSOC forces had been working with the robots for some time.

Correct. We had been using HIRO bots in battle for around three months... Places like: Concord, Helena, the Keys... ERSOC forces around the world were doing similarly. The forces in Brazil and New Zealand were even using their HIRO for waterborne missions. We knew that these successes meant that the HIRO bots would play a big role in SPIRIT.

Plus there was the new weapon...

Oh yes, bio weapon... I think we were all a little sheepish at the idea of a bug bomb. Especially after the disastrous results we encountered at the battles of BinLoc and Mac Myrtle Station ( referring to the ineffective use of nuclear and biological weapons against the Grey ) Despite all of the fears, all of the concerns, the mad scientists at Owl Hollow, with help from the Blue, came up with what was heralded as the wonder weapon that would beat back the Grey threat.


Golomasyx... Golo... Gmax. Specially designed to infect the Grey without causing any harm to us or the environment... Weaponized and packed into a light weight delivery system. One little rocket with a great big punch. Have you ever seen that old science fiction movie about those rebel forces who have to mount an attack against a huge heavily armed space station?

Star Wars?

That's the one... In that movie the good guys faced incredible odds against an enemy with more defenses, more and better weapon systems, as well as greater numbers. The rebels slipped in with a small lightly armed force and delivered a surgical strike right to the heart of the enemy. Our mission was similar - deploy a seemingly insignificant weapon right into the heart of the Grey. Hit em where it hurt and watch them unravel from the inside out. We were even using robots to help us in the battle. Star Wars... but the real life version. That's why we decided to call the Golo weapon R2 after that funny little robot that always rolled in to save the day in those movies. In fact we all had a little laugh every time our HIRO would boot into the R2's CPU to upload mission critical intel. Friendly chit chat between to silicon based buddies... Just like in that movie ( laughs and shakes head ).

What did ERSOC think of you naming the Golomasyx rockets after a character in a science fiction film?

They didn't seem to mind. I guess they figured a little light hearted fun was in order considering the odds we were up against.

I know some of the details of Operation SPIRIT are still classified, but what can you tell me about that day?

I can tell you is this: Each and every man and woman who was involved with SPIRIT, and all of the Blue who helped out along the way, were 100% focused and ready when the launch orders came down the pipe from ERSOC. On the insertion flight we were all razzing each other and going through our little pre-mission rituals, but we were ready. We inserted a little west of our intended drop point, and quickly regrouped. The Grey hive was 20 kilometers northeast of our position, and we used the HIRO to cause multiple distractionary skirmishes along the Grey line in order to help cover our approach. Our AA88 launchers and RLK78 rockets were capable of taking out targets from as far away as 5 kilometers, but we knew we needed to get in close. Without the HIRO distracting and drawing off the Grey frontline defenses we wouldn't have been able to get in as close as we did... Danger Close. By the time we launched we were within spitting distance of Mr. Grey ( official records and GPS up-links show that the first Golomasyx rockets were fired from a distance of under 300 meters ) Once the Golomasyx was released the effects were almost instantaneous... The Grey either dropped dead in their tracks or became disoriented allowing us to overwhelm them with conventional weapons. This was repeated world wide as different elements of the ERSOC combined force deployed the Golo rockets and followed through with conventional strikes. The final battle of the Grey War lasted for a little over two weeks, and despite the weakened condition of the Grey we still suffered losses: Human... Hiro... and Blue alike. Comrades... fellow warriors... friends. I can still see all of their faces.

We end our interview as the sun is beginning to set. It is cooling down and the kids are heading in from hours of play with Huey. I am invited to stay for dinner - fresh baked buttermilk biscuits, homegrown corn, and t-bone steaks that Cam has been marinating in his special "secret" Pecos hot sauce... How can I refuse.


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:thumb I'm in!

Ulrack is a bounty hunter from a distant galaxy who travels through wormholes in search of fugitives. His search has lead him here as he has focused on a particular renegade alien force that is responsible for the death of many other races. To further his mission, he has joined forces with the human resistance to further his cause.
ULRACK is part of race called the KRILL. His planet of origin is called GAN. It's landscape and weather is very similar to earth. The KRILL, despite their apperance, were generaly very passive. Their way of life was quickly changed when a highly advanced and elightened alien race crashed in their planet. This race, although very advanced was not as physicaly strong. The KRILL offered to protect them and in exchange as gratitude the elightened shared their vast knowledge of science, technology and enchantment. Now the KRILL are a force to be reckoned with.
Ulrack's armor is basicaly unstopable. It is a specialy fabricated endo that is powered with a special cristal which is from a secluded planet deep in a galaxy located in sector nine. It provides an unlimited amount of power and emits a forcefield which is practicaly unpenetrable. His weapons have been crafted by a highly the "elightened" race which the KRILL have pledge to protect.


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Sounds good. Is this a group bash or individual bashes?
Read the rules/edits above - each person will make their own "individual" bash and then post it here. The only thing that makes it a "group" bash is everyone (the "group") is following a common theme and thus the group has guidance as to what to make or not make.

Hope that answers your questions and if anyone has any more, please post them!


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Devil Dogs

Okay I had an original story but I thought about it and figured I should play along and work my guys into this story, somehow.

The Devil Dogs

In 2009 after the ET's nuked much of the western parts of America and moved on to wreak havoc with other parts of the world. To our surprise, and I think theirs too, they had somehow created subhuman creatures similar to what we call zombies in most of Nevada and parts of California, Arizona and Utah. The weapons they used somehow instantly killed and then reanimated over 50% of the population. Most of the resistance doesn't like to venture near these areas and for the most part the zombies stay put.

Granted these zombies did not much resemble the zombies found in American literature and cinema. For instance these zombies are a little faster, can carry on a conversation with you and tend to rot very, very, very slowly. Besides that they have an allegiance with the aliens and they function like an Army of sorts.

The one good thing is the same things that killed zombies in the movies and books still kill these zombies as well. They just tend to be harder to shoot and decapitate though.

Anyway, a very small group of very important people who back in 2002 decided they had enough of America and Earth in general so they began building ships to take them to the Moon. Well, the aliens ruined those plans and they never got to leave their underground bunker 44 miles north of Las Vegas. They decided to name themselves the UMMC, which stood for the United Military Moon Corporation. They had built themselves quite a nice little base or should I say city. They had 2,300 and some odd change of people and enough supplies and weapons to keep themselves sustained for many, many years.

The UMMC had assembled quite a lot of the best minds and had advanced quickly in the tech department, up until the ET attack. They had successfully created a couple cyborgs and advanced weaponry they didn't share with the rest of civilization. By the way, those cyborgs will play a very important part in the war just you wait.

If not for the aliens turning the whole state of Nevada into zombies they could have lived quiet and peaceful to themselves and eventually would have left Earth for the Moon. But even though they didn't much like the Earth or its backwards thinking they just couldn't turn their backs on them either.

Hence they chose 500 or so of their very best men and women, plus the two cyborgs, and outfitted them for war, first against the zombies and next the aliens. Suffice it to say the zombies turned out to be much tougher than expected. Not even the Zombie Survival Guide was as much help against these zombies; maybe that guy never counted on zombies being partially intelligent. I guess they all aren't intelligent, just the ones they called Receptors and their ghastly pale eight-foot tall leader who somehow is able to psychically control them all. Let's see what is his name, ah I don't remember right now but his zombie army calls themselves the A.D. Plague.

Much of the original UMMC soldiers were eaten or turned or a little of both.
One small team of soldiers and a handful of survivalists are all that is left after 2 years of fighting in the previously mentioned areas. I mean there are still civilians and the UMMC trying to make do but the Resistance doesn't come here anymore.

One such group of men still battling the A.D. Plague is the Devil Dogs. Their leader Sgt. Joseph Smith is one tough MF, he has been in so many scraps with the zombies and killed so many of them, that the Alien leaders had to send assistance to the Plague by sending in human sympathizers and alien bounty hunters to hunt Smith and his team.

Over the years Smith lost a lot of his fellow soldiers fairly frequently. So often that almost no one wants to work with him. He is a hard act to follow. His preference is to kill zombies hand-to-hand, which in turn tends to get the unskilled who follow him into battle, killed. Some say he drinks the blood of each and every zombie or alien he kills but that is nonsense since its known that the blood of a zombie will turn you. Though it is mysterious that some survivors say they've seen him do it and have seen him bitten in battle too, hmm.

Currently though he runs with a fellow UMMC soldier, Sgt. Dean Cole. Cole is about 5 years older than Smith he is also a lone survivor of his unit and managed to stay alive long enough to hook up with the Devil Dogs. Cole likes to do much of his fighting at night if he can, maybe he's another zombie blood drinking vampire, who knows. Zombies don't sleep but at night when it gets cold they tend to just linger and seem a bit slower and less receptive to the mind control. Smith lets him nap during the day and play at night when he can, seems to make Cole less grumpy.

Smith rescued a 19 year old kid named Alexis Rain and inducted him into the UMMC family little over a year ago. Rain has shown the keen ability to be a great marksman and is best at sniping zombies from far away. Besides that he's very good at driving and oddly enough cooking. Smith kind of likes to take on a father role with Rain and Rain doesn't much mind. He lost his family to a group of zombies and later had to reintroduce his family to death permanently, when they became zombies. He is a very quiet kid and very rarely talks. But when he does he likes to recite music lyrics to himself while killing zombies.

There have been a few others who have come and went, sometimes a violent death or just the inability to cut it on the team. Devil Dogs are known to sleep little and kill often. If the Plague could or do indeed rest they get very little of it. On occasions the Devil Dogs will hook up with K. Mach one of the cyborgs, female and who is very nasty in battle and a lone guy named Martin Stone who rides a chopper.

K.Mach much like Smith has quite the price on her head zombies will actually turn and run in small numbers from her especially when there is no Receptor around to control them. She also has a bounty from the aliens on her head.

Stone is more like a ghost, he kinda comes and goes. He seems to be there when you most likely need him. His mission differs from the others, he is looking for his sister who was taken from his bunker and sold into slavery by the aliens. She is often moved around and he tends to follow the trail from area to area. We only fear that when or if he finds her will there won't be much left of her humanity, it's been 2 years. The Devil Dogs and K.Mach often assist him with his search but so far they have been coming up with cold leads.

The last time Devil Dogs were seen was a small battle somewhere in the desert east of Reno. A couple images were shot from overhead by flyover drone. It appeared that Stone and K.Mach were also there. It's been two weeks with no communication back to UMMC and command is beginning to worry. Smith and his unit should have retrieved their latest supply drop; so far they can't be located.

I shot over 172 pictures that day it was hard to show just 5 of the battle. A buddy of mine plans to PS it all up but I didn't have time to wait so I will push those out when the contest is over.


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1945 and the allies have reached the central command bunker, all was apparently lost to Germany&#8230;..

Spring 1941, reports from Stalingrad reach the Kremlin of worker units attached to the peoples defence brigade excavating and laying foundations for the cities defences have unearthed an extraterrestrial craft with crew. A few bits of the escape crafts propulsion system, stabilizer rockets and thruster systems were salvaged but the rest was totally unusable. Due to the harsh Russian winters, the crew, although dead were perfectly preserved still strapped to their seats. A story tells of a falling star some years ago in the surrounding area. It comes to light that it was an escape pod from circa 1908, where the mothership exploded 8 km above Tunguska.

Scientists were immediately dispatched from the University of Moscow with a small armed guard so not to attract attention. These twelve, sympathetic to the Nazi party, believed in the final victory of Germany and they would be granted a place in the new 1000 year Reich for their collaboration. An encrypted transmission was sent during the month of June, directly to Berlin, notifying Hitler personally of the discovery and the Stalin's plans to relocate the "package" by December 1941.

The German army was already setting fire to and waging a successful campaign in Russia. German generals were astonished when Hitler suddenly ordered the 6th army to turn 90 degrees away from the prize of Moscow and head south proceeding at lighting speed for Stalingrad. Only the highest ranking officers were privy to the truth behind the sudden out of character diversion.

"Capture the package at all costs. Failure is not an option". These were the orders. Success was inevitable and the package which was already boxed in various sized crates for Moscow was shipped out on Junkers 52 transports days before the army was completely cut off and surrounded.

Hitler thought this perfect. A way to keep the transport secret had been gifted him by the red army. He sacrificed the 6th army for this secret. The promise of reinforcements and rescue were simply just empty words, knowing fully that those who knew were loyal party members and none of them would ever be taken prisoner favouring the 9mm express.

The question was&#8230; to proceed.

January 20, 1942, 15 German officials attended a conference at Wannsee on the outskirts of Berlin. The meeting was comprised of ranking SS commanders and a variety of government ministers. The meeting was organized by SS Major Adolf Eichmann under the direction of Chief of Security Reinhard Heydrich. It was a polite conference with rich food and fine wines, but under this thin veneer of manners lay an evil intent. By the end of the meeting, the fate of the world would be altered forever. The topic had been given the codename "The Final Solution". This was a program to genetically produce an army of replaceable and unlimited cloned hybrid warriors. The technology salvaged from the crash site was also utilised in the program.

The concentration camps in Europe were already housing political dissidents, artists, homosexuals and intellectuals. This had been standard procedure since the Nazi party came to power in the 30's. Jews, persecuted through out history, were being rounded up for "resettlement" to the ghettos in the east.

"We will use these facilities as our research sites, now have unlimited experimental material to proceed" Eichmann retorted gleefully rubbing his hands. "Once we have perfected the method only the purest of Arian cells will be used for the Furher's vision of a new model army".

April 20th 1945 and it's the Führers birthday. Deep from under the Reichstag building Hitler orders the unleashing of his ultimate unit&#8230;..his last throw of the dice&#8230;..millions of replaceable, unquestioning hybrid warriors, "der Sternsturm&#8230;..the star storm".

The result&#8230;..1949 and the Battle for Berlin is in its fourth year with no end in sight. The allies have been thrown back across the Rhine. Japan has been out of the war for years since the dropping of two atomic bombs. The Americans wanted to drop a third and fourth on Germany but were overruled by the Allied governments stating that Germanys infrastructure and industrial sites have to remain intact adding the consequence of civilian losses and radiation fallout on European soil was completely unacceptable.

It is crystal clear; the 1000 year Reich preached of at the 1937 Nuremburg rally is all but now true.

Historical Events Listing

April, 1940 - Himmler ordered the establishment of a concentration camp at Auschwitz. These camps are to house the political dissidents, opponents of the party, artists, homosexuals and intellectuals.

April, 1940 - The ghetto at Lodz, Poland, was sealed off.

June, 1940 - Germany invaded Holland, Belgium, and France.

June, 1940 - Marshal Petain surrenders France to the Germans.

September, 1940 - The Warsaw Ghetto was sealed off, making thousands of Jews inside virtual prisoners under house arrest.

June, 1941 - The Germans attacked and declared war on the Soviet Union.

June, 1941 - an encrypted transmission sent to Berlin notifying Hitler personally of the discovery of an alien craft unearthed in the suburbs of Stalingrad.

July, 1941 - Wearing of the Jewish Star was decreed in the German-occupied states. This was a blind as it really kept a check on the numbers of experimental material.

July, 1941 - S.S. Obergruppenführer Reinhard Heydrich was appointed by Goering to carry out "The Final Solution".

September, 1941 - the German 6th army split and head south to Stalingrad.

October, 1941 - Mass deportation to concentration camps of Jews from all over Nazi-controlled Europe begin. Experiments begin in earnest.

November, 1941 - 15,000 experiments in Rovno.

December, 1941 - 27,000 experiments in Riga.

December, 1941 - Chelmno death camp on the Ner River in Poland opened and the first gassing of failed experiments take place.

The year of 1942 and early 1943 - breakthroughs are made at an astounding rate. The first successes are paraded for Hitler. The thought processes of the hybrids are manipulated at genetic level to obey the furher's orders. It is estimated that a fully grown, battle ready hybrid can be grow in three months.

Winter of 1943 - finally, the tattered and frozen German 6th army on the Eastern front surrenders to the Soviets at Stalingrad. High ranking officers are found. All committed suicide. The secret that Hitler has gambled on is safe.

October, 1943 - Hitler ordered that all Jews of Denmark be deported to the camps in Poland. Further refinements in the methods of control are needed.

March, 1944 - The Germans invaded and occupied Hungary. Deportations of Hungarian Jews to Auschwitz followed under the direction of Adolf Eichmann. Mostly all of the half-million Hungarian Jews were sent to the experimental camps.

June, 1944 - D-Day. The Allies invaded France at Normandy. Production is already in full swing and the growing processes are moved to the underground lair complex of the Reichstag building in Berlin.

June, 1944 - Vergeltungswaffen or revenge weapons suddenly appear. Rocket technology developed from the propulsion system captured in 1941 is put to devastating use. V1 and V2 are the codenames.

April 20th, 1945 - Hitler's birthday is celebrated with the unleashing of "der Sternsturm"&#8230;&#8230;&#8230;.

thruster packs developed for close aerial combat against allied tank and artillery emplacements


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SGT.Sam Maxwell of the 342th TEXAS Raiders returning from patroll near tthe Red River in north Texas Fighting was reported as intense in all sections.
The second pic represents A Dengorian warrior that took part in the masacure
on Washington D.C. in 2013.


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