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I saw these on Reddit, thought they would be fun to share here in terms of showing what 3D printers can do for our hobby.
I did not make these, I don't know who made them, all I know is they are roughly around "Barbie scale" which is still technically 1/6th but might be a tad on the small side. Get some small pieces of scrap wood or other parts and you could make your own 1/6th bench press too.

I added the link to the original thread so if anyone wants the STL file, they can contact the OP of the original thread, albeit if they have a reddit account to contact them. The OP said he will share the STL files for those whom ask for them. I don't feel right about sharing someone else's STL files by proxy, etc, etc, so this is the best way to do this.

Pretty interesting stuff.

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