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According to Ashley Woods Sunday Q&A on Facebook, they will be doing Gordon Freeman & Dog first:
Q: Since the early mention, I can't wait to see Gordon Freeman figure from Half-Life, what's its status at the moment ? Also is there a possibility that we could see Dog (Alyx's pet robot) ? It would be perfect for threeA engineering.
A: Well your gonna be happy , Gordon and Dog set is in the works, in fact our friends at Valve even sent details of a more detailed DOG, so the figure is quite amazing and BIG!

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Awesome but I hope it isn't to stylised...
Yeah, knowing 3A make really cool stuff, and I'm convinced all items will be top-notch. But their sculpting style is way too much comic for me to take seriously. But I might buy the figure (Freeman! Effin' Freeman!) and then look for a replacement head.

But yeah, this is darn late, but on the other hand, the T2 Arnold and T-1000 took some sweet time as well.

So, if we get Freeman ( :woohoo), will we get Alyx Vance as well in time? After all, Dog belongs to her...
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