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Got your attention? Good. Please, help me out here. I never ask too much! Come on (lol)!

Does ANYONE know of a head sculpt that looks like this guy, Ben Foster? He's an actor in the movie 3:10 to Yuma (2007)? He played the Charlie Prince character. If so, please post a pic for me or direct me to the site or photo! I'm planning to do a custom of this guy and have been looking for a while to find a close match.

This is how he looked in the movie (below)


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I think this headsculpt could do a good job. he bears a resemblence and has blue eyes, a thin face and similar hair colour. You'd need to add long hair and a beard though

Sorry about the CRAP photo, does anyone know what the name of that headsculpt is? I think it's a modern Brit.

Hope this helped
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