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2ND ID Soldier in ACU

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Here's another figure.Hope you like!!!
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Great work and a even better pose !!! :hyper
Wow, looks great. Nicely done.
Damn, that is sweet! I see he even has the 550 cord bracelets.

It was kind of you to let him roll his sleeves up a bit.
Outstanding work !
Great attention to detail, first rate !
Where did you get, or how did you make the bracelets ?

Good work.
Wow, that is outstanding! Love the posing, base and the details on this guy are perfect, sweet work :thumb
Beautymus Gil....especially that Base... :cheers
Nicely done, rangerg282. The details like his paracord bracelet and the patches really add a lot to him, as well as the securely weaved cableties. I particularly like the patch on his helmet band, with his zap number on it.
show off you suck-didly-uck...LOL,LOL, Outstanding. Nice compesition and posing man. Nicely done...
Thanks for looking and kind words, [email protected], Gaiager, Wysdom888, Hollowpoint,. Mlatch221, thanks, Yea,had to roll up the sleeves it was getting hot under the lights, LOL! Delta, the 550 cord is from my shroud lines on one of my old chutes. Had to trim & cut it down. Hey Danny, made the base an hour. I have to pick a few more to start working on. Saiko, thanks again for the kind words and I made up the zap # and patches, I not ready to dirty him up yet but I have too later on. Blackops4free, man, I not trying to show off , just having fun, thanks man!!! Hemble, thank you again for looking, glad you like!
Me like!!!
USMC Maggot, glad you like. Thanks!!!
Bash looks great and I think the pose is perfect.
Thanks Grizzerr!!!
Nice one Ranger. I love the little details you added like the Battle Roster number and Blood type on the K-pot band. Also love the Fun Meter , seems to be pegged out, :rolling :rolling
1 - 20 of 40 Posts
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