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UPDATE - 7/23/07:
All entries being judged are in!!

See here:

UPDATE - 7/13/07:
Don't forget contest ends July 19, 2007 at midnight!

When contestants finish their bash, please send the required entry information to [email protected] with an email subject line SCI FI CONTEST ENTRY: and your FORUM NAME.

The required entry information includes the following:
- minimum of four photos of your custom figure with a plain (white, gray, blue, etc) background
- maximum of ten photos can be sent (six of which can be Photoshopped)
- word document/text document explaining your character's backstory/origin (see below for more information on this)=

This will ensure I know whose is whose and that I get the information posted online ASAP. Any questions, PM or email me - Jess

Since last year's successful SCI FI GROUP BASH and the amazing number of entries, I've been wanting to organize another sci fi group bash so non-military customizers - like myself - can once again show our skills...

So, I'm officially announcing...

If you're interested in joining the contest, post in this thread and I'll add your name to the roster (below). The rest of the information is as follows...

The official start date is May 10, 2007.
The official end date will be Thursday, July 19, 2007 at midnight.

Peril Unlimited - 12" Bloody "Ash the Zombie"
Peril Unlimited - 12" Clean "Ash the Zombie"
Monkey Depot - $50.00 gift certificate
UniToyzone - DID 1/6 Scale WWII German Grossdeutschland 16. Kompany "Peter Greim"
UniToyzone - Red Horse 1/6 Scale Accessory Pack "M1891/30 & MP28" - Sideshow Collectibles Terminator 2: Judgment Day 12" Scale Sarah Connor & 12" T-1000 Figure Set - 1/6 Scale Dragon "Storm Riders" Figure Set (Wind and Cloud) x 2
Warlord's Keep - 1/6 Scale Zero Metal Chronicles Falcon Z1 - 1/6 Scale Zero Metal Chronicles Limited Edition Clear KUSA Figure

ROSTER: - 36 and counting...
HardCase01, Sgt. Schultz, Randy of AFTimes, gaiagear, Auret, glenning, 2088, BlackOps, biowolf, peacekeeper, Jediguy, CalvinLo, jimmiroquai, mgbb, knyaz, Porkins73, foolkiller, onesixx, toms123, the Cartographer, 1911williams, Pfc.Joker, elfbait, Airwolf, Kozin, KneeJoint, Preshea, LOWLIGHT001, Lazerbeak, amerikaner06, Sir Eaton Flipflop, uramegak, SirFuzaba, CelticPredator, Doctor T, shaun1162

Under the impression humanity was alone in the galaxy, humankind thrived - until the 23th century. It was in the year 2279 AD that alien races from across the galaxy began appearing within the boundaries of human space. These various aliens brought with them new illnesses, weapons and technology which laid waste to the universe as humans knew it.

It is now the 25th century and the galaxy has become a cesspool of humans, aliens, zombies, mutants, and every other living - and nonliving - species known to exist (and a few unknown as well). The galaxy is now inhabited by those from the farthest reaches of time and space. The earth and most planets in the solar system have become smoldering wastelands of sand, mud, ice, water, ash, fire, blood, sweat and war...

Official Rules and Regulations of the 2007 ANNUAL SCI FI GROUP BASH:
- Official end date for this year's bash is Thursday, July 19, 2007
- Entries can be previously seen bashes/customs
- Judges will determine winners in numerous categories:
1) Best All Around
2) 2nd Best All Around
3) 3rd Best All Around
4) Most Original/Unusual
5) Best Fabrication
6) Best Paint Application
7) Best Backstory/Origin
- There are no limitations to what can or can't be used, though all customs must be 1/6th scale in size/dimensions
- Entries must include some sort of back story as well as any other pertinent information.
- Entries must include at least four photos of figure/custom with basic (white/blue/gray sheet/towel or other) background. A maximum of 10 photos can be posted. Any other photos can utilize Photoshop or other computerized editing/touch-ups.
- individual members may each enter three (3) times - that's three separate pieces/customs/figures/groups/etc

- Any other major questions, PM Jess

Just like last year, each entry should include a biography (long or short) of some sort to introduce your original character/s to the forum. The blurp above is vague enough to leave it open for customs to be male, female, alien, zombie, mutant, mecha/robotic, old, young, wheeled, legged, whatever your heart desires and your hands can make...

So what are you waiting for?
If you haven't posted and signed up, do so and get cracking and if you have any questions, PM me please!


For a look at last year's entries and some other amazing non-military customs from the board, check out the NON MILITARY BASH THREAD!

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If I had any talent whatsoever I would be in...but alas, My only true talents are making wise cracking sarcastic/smart a$$ed comments, and irritating people...will you have a catergory for that this year Jess? If so, go ahead and engrave my name on THAT trophy.....LOL. I cannot wait to see the excellent your guys come up with this year!!!!

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OK, I'm game, last year I had to drop out because of crazy schedules due to a family related illness, and I just couldn't seem to get back on track.

As of right now things are looking pretty good. :banana

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I'm always up for some shared universe craziness. Although the talent pool already sign up will blow me out of the water, I'll throw my hat into the ring.

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Working on some prize-gathering now, but - believe me - you guys will want to win these prizes.... ;) :D

I'll update this again tomorrow and add the names to the roster of those who've said "I'm in" :D
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