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21st RC Humvee rebuild

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All that weapons bashing, one after other. Thought I'll take a break and work on something difference. I got a opportunity to purchase either a 1/6 GI Joe or a 21st Humvee. Both asking about the same price, up in the $100+. After a day or two of weighting the differences. I went with the 21st. Reasons being #1. 21st asking $120 bucks. The seller paid the shipping. It came in Fed Ex. So I saved a bag full of cash already. GI Joe will cost around $40 for shipping. It will cost me more then $30 bucks extra, if I buy GI Joe. I thought of purchasing both. But, I'm doing my very best putting away cash for the up coming HT Appleseed, PMC and CIA figures. So, buying both humvee is out of the question. Reasons #2. I think it is easier for me to scratch build the interior for the 21st, then try to scratch build a working suspensions system for GI Joe. But with it working hood, it almost won me over.....almost. Even so the 21st suspensions not exactly like humvee. It's close enough that I don't have to do anything to it but paint them black. #3. 21st got a very roughest tube frame. I can do an lot to the body, and don't have to worry about reinforcing the frame like I will have to with GI Joe. And to which, GI Joe didn't even have a frame to start with. #4. GI Joe wheels looks nicer. But 21st are rubber. That's always a big plus for me. So, with all that. I went with 21st.

I was told that the 21st is about 1/2 scale bigger then 1/6. 1/5.5? And GI Joe is more closer to scale. Since I don't have a GI Joe to do side by side. I pose a figure next to it. I'm thinking...I'm 5'6". So let just say that the figure is 5'6" - 5'10" in 1/6 scale. And I owned a 94's Hummer H1 wagon for several years. So I got an very good idea how big a Humvee is. By the way. When I bought the H1, gas was only $1.25 ~ $1.35.......somewhere around there. When I sold it. Gas was just breaking $2.00+. Lucky I sold that thing. The factory said it get 13 mpg. Like hell it does! I get around 8 mpg. If I push it down hill on neutral, maybe I'll get 11 mpg. I driving 30+ miles to work one way. Always going 65 mph, no faster then 70 mph with the H1. I can't even get full 5 days out of the tank. Only four days at best before it goes dry, even if I'm very light on the paddle. .......Oh, sorry! got side track there. Anyway. So, if the figures is 5'6" like me. I think 21st humvee is damn close! I'm not the kind that will pull out the ruler. I just eyeball thing. Looks close enough....hey, all good.

In this build. I'm want to do a up-armor Humvee. With working doors and everything. Hood? ........No, no working hood. I'm not going to build any one particular vehicle. I'm going to take something here and there from all the reference I collected. And see what I get at the end. I'm keeping all lights and sound working. Hope to anyway. So I didn't cut the wires, and hopefully keep it RC too. At this point. I cut out the bed and sides. I need all that open to mark up the interior. I'm going to use paper cardboard to do all the mark-up, before I do any cutting on plastic cards. So far. I spent 3 days on it. Most of the time. I spent just staring at it. Picturing it in my head what my next step. I still don't have any real plan on how to approach this build. I just went as it goes. Just like all the weapons mod. I just finished sanding down all the cut surface. Making it clean and even as possible before I start any marking up. I'll try to keep up the updating as it goes. Until then, Thanks for looking. Feedback are most welcome. Happy 1/6.


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This should be an interesting project. Vehicle customization projects are always a favourite of mine to watch unfold. I think the RC HMMWV is a good choice, at first I was thinking of their older non RC that was farther from scale proportions, but a good toy nonetheless.

Best of luck with your rework, it looks pretty cool already.
Can't wait to see this project underfold. O_O
Can't wait to see what you will do with the bad boy.
Ohhh, okay, your talking about the R/C 21st Century Humvee. When I was reading this, I was thinking; 'WHAT! A 21st C. Humvee for 100 bucks is a rippoff! And the wheels are not rubber they're plastic, and the scale is more off than by 1/2, and...', but then I looked at the pics. (duh!) Now it makes sense.

This is gonna be killer when you finish it. Especially if it is still a working R/C vehicle when your done. I know I'm already a HUGE fan of your gunsmithing, so I cant wait to see how this one turns out. I'm sure if its coming from you Good Duck, its gonna be amazing!
Yes indeed. I love a good vehicle mod.
Good choice !
These are great to mod, mine only took a week working on it a little every day,Back when I had time.
Here's a shot of mine, any questions or help I can give LMK.
I'll be home for the holidays for at least the next 4 days... I hope.
Mean time good luck, and it's looks like you have a great start. Looking forward to seeing how it progress's.


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delta , looks great!
There are some strange angles at the rear frame that really cross me the wrong way(pic.1). I just have to correct that before I move on. Beside that. There are tones of area on this 21st humvee that need attention also. I’ll try to address them as I go. I’m not trying to build a exact SCALE model here. My goal was to build it as close to the real thing as I can with this off scale 21st frame as a base, and go as far as my modeling skill can carry me. (pic.2,3,4) The tub base is taking shape. I’m using Plastruct plastic sheets in most of the build, and some Strip Styrene “L” angle here and there for support. The center drive shaft housing are build from 1.5mm sheets. The floor I used 2mm. (pic.5) Top half of the big electric box in the center chassis was removed to make room for the tub. Still, a tight fit. (pic.6,7,8)

Both side of the center door pillar are getting there. So is the load deck. Which is built with 1.5mm sheet. (pic.9,10,11,12) Thing looks good so far. But still, body sitting a little high(pic.13,14). Specially the rear(pic.15,16). When I’m ready to mount the body to frame. I’m going have to do some cutting on the metal part. Well, that's all for now. Thanks for everyone comments. And nice humvee, delta! I was thinking about mounting a .50 cal like that too. just don't know when I'll get to it. So, until then. Merry Christmas everybody!


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Wow, thats an outstanding job already. I didn't realize it before, but I need to give you a hearty cheers for taking on this project, as the level of scratch building that you'd have to do would keep me and many others at bay and reaching for the Hasbro version.
I think it looks really great so far. Are you planning on making it a slant back HMMWV again or the open back truck kind? Either way I'm looking forward to more of your progress pictures. Good luck and have fun with the build, and Merry Christmas!
man thats some awesome work on that floor. took some ba11s to cut a r/c up. good work
Today, I don’t have anything to show for, yet. I ran out of plastic sheets and strips. Thought I’ll go buy some more hopefully later today if I have time, finish up the section I was working on before I post more image of the build. So, I thought I’ll use this break to post some ref photos of what I'm looking at.
(pic-01)-I like this armor door and frame set-up. But I’m planning on doing more to the side windows. Make them swing open sideway. I saw a pic of that set-up, but forgot to save it, and now I can find it.
(pic-02,03,04,05)-That front windshield really cool. Not that I’m going to post a Ops bailing out the vehicle. But to have a passenger windshield folded down, and a MG mounted in place like in pic-06.
(pic07)-Somebody want to bash that one?


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Cool piece of work!! I am a great fan of vehicles!!! Its wise of you to pick the 21C instead of the Hasbro coz the Hasbro one definately have a massive height problem. I gotta do tons of work just to make the height right for mine!! And like what you have mentioned earlier, its so much easier to build the interior details, and judging by the looks of it - its a damn good job!!! And you have a armoured version (instead of the open top Hasbro) Pity I can find one in my part of the world!!! By the way, the the exact dimension (LxWxH) of the 21C one just for comparison?
So, I finished the engine inspection cover and glued it in place. the cover took less time to make then I thought it would be, and I thought about make it workable, too.... But, I don't have anything to show under there....and less moving parts the better anyway. I also joined the tub to the body the same days. I ran into some alignment problem here. Everything lined up very nicely with the paper mark-up. But, somewhere in the translation between paper and plastic. the measurement gone FUBAR on me. Somehow the "W" was 3/16" wider. So...ok.... I cut 3/36" off each side. Everything looks good. I glued the back end of the tub to the load deck, and about to glue the side.... I,m 3/36" too narrow! On both side! .....WTH! .......!!!!!!!!!!!......?????????.......!!!!!!!!!! Oh, man..... Anyway, nothing some super glue and plastic strips can't fit. Next thing was the ribs. I cut about 40 or so raised floor ribs with 30 degree angle on a modeling table saw. out of 40+ ribs. I only using 12. The rest are bad cut. Again, measurement off again, 6 ribs was cut too short......... So... Interior looking good. The front window frame is back on. Next, I mounted the armor plates for the wheel well with brass hex head screw. I was going to use plastic or resin screw heads. But, when I saw the brass screw. No way I'll use anything else. I check the body with the chassis again. The rear motor giving me problem. I will have to see if I can rotate the electric to the other way, and that will be much later. But, at this point. I'm not all that crazy about keeping it RC.

Hello, saiko, I'm still not sure will it be open back or slant back yet. I saw a armor wagon version, looks really cool. I still have some time to think about it.

Hello, wai hoong."L" w/o bumper is about 29.25". "W" is about 13.5" w/o mirror. "H" is about 12.25" ~12.5".

Thanks for following the build. See ya all next time.


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I am so in AWE of the remarkable work you've done thus far. The detail is just amazing, and the heachache you went through with the strips looks to be well worth it. I take it you've bondo'ed everything together? Reminds me of when I asked LG what the funny red glue was on his projects :p
Those little brass screws with the hex heads are really nice as well, may I ask you where you got them? They look perfect for that extra bit of detail for 1/6th vehicle projects.
The brass screw are from Walthers Miniature Hardware. Get them at model train shop. The hex head I got are #0-80x1/2, part #947-1136. The red stuff are Model Master "Red Putty". It dry fast. But I'll still let it dry overnight before I wet sand them. I like to wet sand everything plastic whenever possible.
WOw, that is really something. Can't wait to see some more.
Wow good stuff, I have two of these still in box ( one desert and one green camo) in storage, maybe I will pull one out and start modding it one of these days.
Kick ass mod on the HUMMER!!!
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