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This is copied from a FB post I made, sorry if you are seeing it twice-

Is it worth weathering and customizing the older plastic pouches and gear? Can those pieces be stripped and repainted?
Is there a market for 21st figures and gear as kitbashes? Especially if they are weathered and customized? The focus would mainly be on Vietnam-90s Greenside/Woodland type ops.
I am looking to be able to start recollecting and customizing, but would like to customize and sell to cover the cost of collecting and I like working with my hands.

Lastly, any advice and/or tutorials in terms of how to weather uniforms and gear would be appreciated. I am coming from painting 15mm and 28mm miniatures, so I have a ton of paint, pigments, washes etc... but am not sure how to use them on such a bigger scale.

I am looking to enter the 'Nam and modern woodland/Greenside field if anyone has any particular advices or cheap lots I am all ears!
Thank you in advance!
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