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SWAT Commander

Lately I have been catching up with some relatively straight forward, simple projects, sort of a quick change of pace between large, complex gigs. Updating SWAT commander and the SPH-4B are some of the obvious ones. Since Casual_Collector put up the excellent "updating 21C" thread, it's a no-brainer to work on them right away. Reworking SWAT Commander has been particularly irritating, the main reason was I couldn't get the head repaint looks right after many attempts. Only this time he looks barely presentable so that I quickly wrapped it up before I went nuts again.

What I've done....
-Repainted stock commander HS, modified to fit on TT nude.
-Replaced Highmark BA's chest shotgun shell holder with new velcro panel.
-The utility pouch on the chest panel is modded from WW2 GI ammo case.
-Lightly weathered BA, outfit & gear.
- Nude is a TT narrow shoulder

Ref pix courtesy PistolPete 21C Archive.


I have been procrastinating on the update simply because there are too many priority projects ahead of it. That "updating 21C" thread is a good chance to do it before it was conveniently shuffle aside once again. In any case, glad that I can put a closure on it. Both of my copies have missing boom mikes and damaged chin straps to start with, plus a layer of real sloppy paint job done many years ago by yours truly. So it's a good reason for a complete makeover.

What I have done...
-Complete repaint and weathering.
-Added markings.
-Added velcro equipment attachment pads.
-Replaced plastic chin straps with cloth & buckles.
-Scratchbuilt more modern, streamlined boom mikes with brass rod and jewellery pieces.
-Added boom mike cables w/jack and loop ring at the rear of the helmet.
-Replaced stock visor with DML pilot clear visor.
-Drilled out NVG and replaced with new lens.

Stock pic courtesy of Pistolpete archive...

Reworked pieces....

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Very well done, particulary the Visor and NVGs on the Helmet, makes a world of difference. I wonder why 21st didn't just use clear plastic instead in the first place (Not necessarily tinted)
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