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21c weapon sets on clearance at "Wally World " !!!

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To the OSW Moderators , not sure if this is the right placefor this thread if not please move to appropriate section .

Just a heads up , I was at my local Wal - Mart & the 21c weapon sets were marked down to $ 3.00 . These were the ones I picked up :

Modern US machine guns series III
Modern Nato weapons series III ( P90 , UMP , G36 )
Modern Soviet Block series II ( Silenced AK 74 )

My store only had these 3 sets , so I don't know if the new ones ( RPG & MG 34's ) were marked down . But at $3 a set might be worth it for materials to mod with . :thumb
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Haven't seen it in my city yet.

Gonna keep an eye out.

Thanks for the heads up!
Holy crap! Hopefully, one of my three local Wally Worlds will have these. I have plans for some of the weapons in these sets and that's a great price for them.
that SUCKS!

How sad.
These never even came to the WM in Maryland. :X

Damn,I am going to have to buy even more now!
That's what is frustrating about WalMart. One store is blowing out old inventory and anothe rnever even got them. I thought they were supposed word to be the guru's of distribution.
sof 62 said:
How sad.
These never even came to the WM in Maryland. :X

I had that same issue here in the Central Gulf Coast. None of these sets ever showed up here, originally. Of the more recent sets, one store got three of the four versions. I found ONE set of the "Street Heat" with the M1 Carbine versions at a store almost 300 miles north.
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