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21C Unis, USN SEAL, Vietnam - Lucifer

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I was thinking of using a new set of Tiger Strip unis made by Saturday Toys when I remember a set of 21C uniform that I thought would look cool. I use to love these guys and they were starting to make some good improvements in their products. Here is how the figure turned out.

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Looks fantastic! The use of the 21st uniform is really a great touch there. And your right, 21st was indeed getting better and better (Well until the very end, where they just threw together some stuff).
Love it! THe 21st tiger stripes were some of the best IMO, you put them to good use.
nice figure and you are one of the lucky ones to own that Lucifer fig.
Your figure came out GREAT, Stall!

Those 21st uni's held up pretty good over the years.
Damn Man,you are a bashing fiend!!
He looks great! Nice seeing the 21st uni on Lucifer! Cool bash!! :thumb
Lookin' gooood! Nice to see those old uni's updated with today's gear!

Very cool. That's still a nice rendition of the tiger stripe uniforms.
That turned out great!!
How the heck did you get those rolled ups sleeves over another shirt?
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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