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I should give a big kudos to Mike (PD) for starting a thread on his acquisition of T-Gore recently, then rediscovered fellow member Homers' awesome rendition from reading the thread; and then brought back all those good memoires of chasing down 21 playsets at local outfits. I missed the day of getting multiple sets at generally reasonable price. Anyway, immediately drew up a plan to reinvent the bounty hunter. Most of his original parts have been re-appropriated into various projects over the years, so the only piece I can actually dig up right away was the camo vest. But that's where the fun is, re-imagine something and still retains key elements which represents the original character.

Will he get an update down the road? I don't know, perhaps...but like a fellow brotha on the board has put it nicely : "it's just who you are! You can't help yourself!" :D :p

Mimicking the original boxart.....

Original boxart, courtesy of Pistolpete & Greenleader archive


What I have been meddling with so far...............
►Head - SSC Endor commando, modded, repainted & applied doll hair. Glasses are from ACI.
►Body - TT nude with modded rubber muscle sleeves for forearms and calves. I didn't use the entire length of the sleeves, instead just cut the sections enough for the exposed forearms and calves. Reapplied and penned the tribal tattoos with graphic pencil.
►Cap - likely early DML piece. Glued directly onto the scalp.
►Hoodie - No idea
►Camo vest - Stock T-Gore piece. Reworked with additional buckles, buttons and zipper. The zipper is confiscated from Ken's fancy pleather jacket. A temporary measure as I've ordered some minizippers. it will be replaced as soon as the the tiny ones arrived.
►Camo shorts - I misplaced T-Gore's shorts, he ain't happy at all. So I modded one from a full-length 21C urban camo pants instead. Chain is from Michaels.
►Dr. Martens - Purple ACI pieces, retinted into black and weathered.
►Sling bag - early BBI SATCOM backpack reworked with shoulder strap.
►Shotgun #1 - Repainted/weathered 21C piece.
►Shotgun #2 - 21C 870 shorty. Repainted/weathered; semi-flat chrome finish is the handy work of Baremetal foil.
►SIG 552 - From one of those blind box weapons. Could be Furuta or Koto, but don't quote me on that. Repainted/weathered with attachments from the usual suspects.

Sorry...can't resist the tinseltown style cocking posture....:p

One of his bounty...he's obviously pissed...

The hardware.....

870 shorty Tinseltown edition.......

Originally belonged to my first Firefly, and originally planned for T-gore. Turns out too bulky for him, but I'll show it anyway....

His sling bag with his trusted old crust shorty

Last but not the least, some early wip.....

Pre-mod camo vest.......

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Outstanding, Leo! You and Homers have taken T-Gore to the far end of his potential. Again, kudos to 21Charlie for their original vision.

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leo man that is a really superb makeover, i always loved t-gore and to see him done over by u is a real treat, u did a bang up job leo, love it :thumb

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This is a truly different, unexpected, & unique take on one of 21STCT's memorable offerings.

Your custom head sculpt to me gives off a bit of a "urban geek" appearance & demeanor . . . someone who you would not expect to be a bounty hunter, but the total appearance and load out clearly indicates otherwise with a "DON'T F#$% WITH ME" attitude & vibe. I mean this with utmost respect and not a criticism in any way.

I also like your interpretations of the other characters in the card back you pictured and hope you'll be posting/sharing them as well.

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So cool :) I really like that you include build up pics Leo. Makes it fun to watch the progression of the figure. Great stuff my friend :)
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