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First & foremost, I am not a vintage style GI JOE collector or enthusiast, but I do appreciate & respect the vintage style sets from days gone by as well the reproduction sets because those offerings set the stage for what it currently the 1:6 hobby we enjoy.

I truly understand the appreciation for nostalgia and the simple, but very enjoyable aesthetics of vintage styled 1:6 offerings given quite a few vintage collectors/enthusiasts I've known & met throughout the years.

I do find it a very disappointing that HASBRO themselves have nothing planned (thus far) for the 50th Anniversary of GI JOE with respect to the 12" figure that started it all. I'll go so far as to say disrespectful.

HASBRO saw the 40th Anniversary offerings as a failure in terms of retail sales, but from my understand they did very mail in terms of online/niche dealers catering to vintage collectors and still do.

I grew up with the 1:18/3.75" GI JOE figures & vehicles and didn't get into 1:6 stuff until much later via 21STCT/THE ULTIMATE SOLDIER that led me to discover & learn about the vintage offerings as well.

I do hope that HASBRO & the official GI JOE Collector's Club will properly honor the 50th Anniversary more so than the current pitiful offering. Personally speaking, I wish HASBRO would simply license out the vintage line to say a company like Cotswold and let them run with it considering Cotswold is still of the best & well known online retailers for repro/vintage GI JOE offerings.
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