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I hope hasbro does something and not Sideshow with their overpriced interpretations.
I guess the relevant 50th Anniversary for the GI Joe figures Sideshow makes would not be until 2032 based on the 1982 creation of those characters in the Marvel Comic (which originally was going to make them agents of SHIELD) and being made as 3 3/4" toys. Or arguably Sideshow could celebrate their 50th in 2041 which is 50 years after they were first made in 12". The 50th Anniversary in 2014 from 1964 celebrates the creation of the basic army-navy action figures, which is pretty removed from anything Sideshow is involved with.

I think Hasbro will inevitably make something designated 50th Anniversary, but the real question is whether it will just be some niche thing preaching to the choir, for limited release to attendees at JoeCon, or will they try to get something into Target and Walmart and TRU.

For proof that folks at Hasbro still love classic GI Joe, just look at the Adventure Team tributes that they snuck into the Kree-o line - that was a pure labor of love for sure.
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