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Yep, I've been at it again. :green

Here's my first kitbash for this year, inspired by this fellow:

The skin's a *little* pale for someone deployed to the sandbox, I'm guessing, but I'm rather pleased I managed to find a head that matched the skin-tone of the Hot Toys "caucasian" body. :green

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mx22 said:
Figure looks great!

Hey, thanks! :)

Iron_Mike said:
Wow! Talk about starting off the new year with a bang! Awesome Bash Jester! Very cool sniper and the posing it sweet! :thumb
I try. :angel

Seriously, I'm very pleased you like it. I spent a fair bit of time messing around trying to get a look I liked, and I'm glad to see I'm not the only one. :D

Grunt1162 said:
Very Cool!
Thanks! Thanks for looking. :thumb

GrenadierStinny said:
Fantastic figure and poses, Jester! He realy looks great!
Thank you, that's quite a compliment. :)

lucas said:
Very, very nice. Fantastic poses!!!!!!!
Thanks! The Hot Toys body is a great, stable base for a lot of poses, and the boots really help too.

DunkleGelb said:
Nice shots n Poses. :thumb
Glad you like 'em. Some of the photos came out a bit blurrier than I'd like, but I guess they turned out pretty good on the whole. I'm still learning how to do this, I guess. :green

Very nice Jester, where did the headset come from?
I don't rightly know, to tell you the truth. I got from an eBay auction where the seller had it listed as "Sideshow Military Headset", so I guess it might have come from one of the SS figures. Agent Dogget, maybe?

Anti-Personnel said:
sweet bash. love the doo rag. is that David Beckham HS?
awesome job overall
Yep, that's the Beckham sculpt. I've had it for a while and it kind of irritated me because it was really too big and awkwardly shaped to fit any of the helmets I have (even the one he came with, LOL), but I finally found a use for him, finally. ;)

tolleyo said:
excellent poses and shots...shows off all the gear perfectly!
Thanks! That's good to hear. :)

Wysdom888 said:
2008 looks to be another great year especially with that great lookingh bash to kick things off !!! :clap
Thanks, I hope so. :banana

grizzerr said:
Great start for the new year!!
Yeah, I guess it is, isn't it? :D


mgbb said:
Great posing and photos!
My pleasure. :thumb

USMC Maggot said:
Me glad. :lol

cdn_rhino said:
Well done. Is that one of the early BBI Tac vests? I don't recognize it?
Good eyes! ;) Yes, it is. I got from the Delta Force figure they released as part of their Freedom Force series a few years back. Glad you like how it looks as part of the whole.

azteca said:
great poses and great bash i like orale keep up the good work put him out side to the test
Thanks, I'll have to try that sometime. Not now, of course, though. I've got eight inches of snow in the yard and he's not equipped for it. :green

Hollowpoint said:
Cool, nice job on the dewrag.
Thanks. It just about drove me crazy trying to get it into place, but I think the results were worth it. :rolling
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