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A real simple kitbash, representing a typical late war American infantryman wearing the common M1943 jacket and wool trouser combination.

Lots of pictures in the post D-Day through to VE-Day period, show American troops carrying only the bare minimum they'd need (as someone who's owns an original set of webbing, I can attest to the weight of it even without ammunition). As such this guy lacks a Musette Bag or Haversack, both which were commonly left behind for patrols and skirmishes; most essentials would usually be brought along in a Gas Mask or General Purpose bags. In some instances, you'll also come across pictures of troopers with beer bellies, showing a common practice of stuffing items in your jacket above a tight fitting belt.

Parts Breakdown:
Body and Head - Sideshow "British Lewis Gunner" head and hands modified to fit on a newer DiD body
M1 Helmet - DML
Helmet Net - DML camouflage netting from their Falklands figures (A decent stand in for the 'Shrimp' and 'M44' style netting)
M1943 Jacket - DML
M1937 Shirt - DiD
M1937 Trousers - DiD
M1943 Boots - DiD
GP Bag - DML
Canteen - Sideshow
M1936 Belt - Soldier Story
M1910 First Aid Pouch - DiD
M1943 E-tool - DML
M1 Carbine Pouches - DiD and DML
M1 Carbine - DML
K Ration - DML
Grenade - BBi
M8 Scabbard & M3 Knife - DML (I think?)

Thanks for looking!

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Nicely done, good weathering on the uniform. Very nice to see the SideShow head sculpt used. Good job on modifying it to the DiD body.......Jim
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