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1st 'CAV, Najaf, 2004 (WIP)

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Ok, I've got a bunch of WIPs going on and no time or space to get the detailing done, so I'll post them for now. This is my first foray into modern figures and it's a mini-me in Iraq in 2004.

Much more weathering on the way as well as patches and some mods on the LBE. If anyone can give me a lead to good desert tan patches (NOT Patches of Pride) please let me know.

The loadout was unorthodox and it was my personal LBE before I was issued MOLLE gear.


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Cool mini-you, he looks great. Must have been busy during those days.
I like your battle rattle, it looks like you made do with what you had for the job. Is that a mag bandoleer around your waist? I love it. Great job Apache!

Also unforgiven-- does custom patches, and I believe he's offered a tan set of Army patches before, he has a thread in the custom offerings section so you could check that out.
Cool.You actually wore Nam era pouches on your Y harness?
Very cool seeing the larger version of your avatar! Nice job on the custom pouches.
Apache 26. Great mini-me.

BTW, this is Hellraiser 6.
Great looking mini-you.
Excellent figure Apache!!
Nice minime.
That's what I'm talking about, some early-war gear! Very cool mini-me. In that last pic of the real you, is that a blooper or RPG muzzle in your left hand?
Corran - Yes, I did wear an odd combination of Nam era gear and LC-2 stuff. I caught more flak for it than I deserved, but oh well. I needed someplace to put all the 20 round magazines.

PD - That's a Blooper. We had on per platoon and the guy who was issued it did not want to carry it, so I did. I had an idea to carry it on top of the Bradley with me as an "IED Response" weapon. When we hit IED's it would be faster for me to fire a 40mm grenade than to slew the turret and fire the coax.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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