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1st Platoon
Fox Company
2nd Battalion
Combat Command B
1st Armored Regiment
1st Armored Division

Sidi Bou Zid : 15 February, 1943:

Day two of Rommel ' s Unternehmen Frühlingswind (Operation Spring Wind) finds the remnants of Combat Command A of the 1st Armored Division and two battalions of the 168th infantry regiment of the 34th Infantry Division retreating and badly bloodied by two Panzer divisions, the 10th and 21st, as they punch through Faïd Pass. In an attempt to stabilize the rapidly degrading front in the face of what is assumed to be a diversionary attack and countermanded at every turn by II Corps commander Major General Lloyd Fredendall, Major General Orlando Ward is finally able to authorize 2/1st Armored Regiment from Combat Command B of the 1st Armored Division to move towards the Sidi Bou Zid area in preparation for a counterattack.

Jumping off just after midday, the Sherman tanks of Lieutenant Colonel James Alger ' s 2/1st Armored sallied forth in a V formation in what can only be described as a cavalry charge into a prepared anti-tank gun screen with supporting tanks from two Panzer divisions. What followed must have been a spectacularly horrific sight to behold: a modern-day Charge of the Light Brigade culminating in Custer ' s last stand. Lacking desert warfare training, the fast charging Shermans kicked up an immense cloud of dust, allowing the Germans to zero in tank and anti-tank guns of every caliber on the advancing battalion. The dust from the charge also blinded all but the front ranks of Shermans, preventing the subsequent ranks from taking effective evasive maneuvers once they saw the front ranks ablaze. With the anti-tank screen trap sprung, Panzers moved in on the flanks to finish off the remaining Shermans. Four 2/1st Armored Shermans survived the day, leaving 48 destroyed on the battlefield while the remaining US forces in the area began to withdraw towards Kasserine Pass.

The figure is based off of the 1st Armored Division buck sergeant in Mike Chappell ' s color plate B, figure three in Osprey ' s Men-at-Arms No. 347: The US Army in World War II (2): The Mediterranean title:

Parts List:

• Headsculpt: DML Cory Walker (#422), modified
• Hands: new pattern DiD molded gripping hands with ball wrists sockets
• Body: DML Neo Male 1a, modified
• M-1938 Tanker Helmet: DiD
• M-1938 Resistal Goggles: DML RTV Mac, modified
• Winter Combat Helmet (tanker hood): Cyber-Hobby Wilhelm Berner, modified
• White Crewneck T-Shirt: 21st Century Toys
• Wool Shirt: NewLine Miniatures
• Insignia: CVI
• Winter Combat Trousers (tanker bibs): Cyber-Hobby Lewis and Clark, modified
• Service Shoes: NewLine Miniatures
• M-1936 Pistol Belt: Soldier Story Henry Kano
• M-1916 M-1911 Pistol Holster: Battlegear Toys
• M-1911A1 Pistol: Soldier Story Henry Kano
• M-1912 V-flap 1911 pistol magazine pouch: Cyber-Hobby Sarge, modified
• M-1924 Carlisle Bandage Pouch: DML RTV, modified
• Zippo Lighter: DML, modified
• Lucky Strike Cigarette Pack and Lucky Strikes: Battlegear Toys, modified

References :

Print :

1. Osprey Publishing Men-at-Arms No. 347: The US Army in World War II (2): The Mediterranean
2. Osprey Publishing Campaign No. 152: Kasserine Pass 1943
3. Osprey Publishing Campaign No. 312: Operation Torch 1942
4. Osprey Publishing Battle Orders No. 21: US Armored Units in the North African and Italian Campaigns, 1942-45
5. Oliver Publishing Under the Gun 2: First Blood: US 1st Armored Division in Tunisia
6. Stackpole Publishing Military Photo Series: First Blood in North Africa: Operation Torch and the U.S. Campaign in Africa in World War II
7. Time Life WWII: The War in the Desert

Online :

1. The Big Red One ' s Tank Helmet M-1938 and Related Equipment :


2. At The Front : Winter Combat Trousers:

Winter Combat Trousers

3. Olive-Drab : Tanker Trousers, Combat, Winter:

Tanker Trousers, Combat, Winter

4. Brian ' s (gibri) goggle strap swap technique :

US Army Goggle comparison shots. - THE SIXTH DIVISION

5. Body Modifications from Eduardo (egonzinc) and Gary (johkaz)/Ed (1stlooey)

WIP Images Tiger I #712 Crew + Base - THE SIXTH DIVISION

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The Modifications:

The figure is based off of the 1st Armored Division buck sergeant in Mike Chappell's color plate B, figure three in Osprey's Men-at-Arms No. 347: The US Army in World War II (2): The Mediterranean title.

The figure is heavily modified; I've scalped a DML Cory Walker headsculpt (custom painted by Jay (budro65) and purchased from him in a lot of Dragon headsculpts sometime over the past decade) and cut his ears off as well to allow for the winter combat helmet and the tanker helmet to fit. The body is a DML Neo Male 1a that's had its chest reduced on a belt sander and shortened about 1/4th of an inch by removing sections from the upper thighs and biceps with a hacksaw.

He sports a pair of the newest pattern molded DiD gripping hands so he can hold his Zippo while pulling a Lucky Strike out of the pack; he needs a cigarette - and a drink - after a day like that. The wrist post holes were drilled out with a 5/32" drill bit to allow for the larger DiD wrist posts. This allows for greater articulation with the DiD ball wrists to better mimic the pose in the color plate.

The clothing has been washed in several loads of laundry with fabric softener and then wet-fitted on the figure, allowing it to dry in the position I need it to better mimic the color plate. The white crewneck t-shirt is the major departure from the color plate, I felt it necessary, though, to cover the unpainted neck ball joint on the body as I didn't think I'd be able to match the custom painted skin tone on the headsculpt.

The DML RTV Mac M-1938 Resistal goggles have had the pleather strap removed and the fine elastic strap from the DiD Fury Soviet goggles added.

The Cyber-Hobby winter combat helmet (tanker hood) straps were completely re-done with a better matched grosgrain ribbon and a Lion Roar friction buckle (bent on each edge) and added on the right side of the helmet.

I used a pair of the Cyber-Hobby Lewis and Clark winter combat trousers (tanker bibs) for this 'bash as I liked the color better than the regular release versions from Mac and Doc Peterson. I removed all the dish buttons and threads as well as the functioning ankle snaps at the hem. Using eyelets that fell out of Soldier Story US M-1936 pistol belts over the years, I painted them flat silver to mimic the outer of the two male snaps on the hem of the trousers and Fabri-Tac'ed them in place. The straps were held in place by double-sided hem tape to allow for adjustments. The black rounded snap caps came from the back of the winter combat helmet; I removed them when I sent it through the wash the first time. They are also Fabri-Tac'ed in place. I zipped up the large DML zipper and then using pliers, broke it off while keeping the two zipped halves together. I used double-sided hem tape to keep the halves together and some Fabri-Tac when I added the scale *********** and zipper pull. I've Fabri-Tac'ed zipper pulls to all the zipper locations (front and center, fly, and the left and right hip pockets). The zipper pulls are made from NewLine Miniatures leggings lace hooks that have fallen off over the years. I halved them and painted them flat silver. I then added Battlegear Toys 13 star tack buttons for the two suspender buttons at the top of the winter combat trousers and before putting them on the figure, added a pair of DiD wool trousers underneath to pad them out well.

The DML RTV M-1924 Carlisle bandage pouch had the cotton ball material and the little black plastic flap closure catch removed from it and was stuffed with five or six sections of chip board, cut to size, to mimic the bandage tin in the pouch. I then added a CVI lift-the-dot to the outside of the pouch, tacked with Fabri-Tac, and Fabri-Tac'ed the flap down. The M-1912 1911 pistol magazine pouch also had the two little black plastic flap closure catches removed and replaced with CVI lift-the-dots, Fabri-Tac'ed, as well as Fabri-Tac'ing the flap down on it as well.

I cut the chimney, flint wheel, and cam off of the classic DML open Zippo, glued the lid shut, and painted it flat black to resemble the military-issued Zippo lighter in the color plate. I cut the foil back on a BGT Lucky Strike pack and drilled two holes for cigarettes to protrude from the pack. I then cut two 1:6th scale cigarettes to different lengths to mimic how they look coming out of a pack.

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What a great start to my day as a viewing of your figure was the first thing I did today!

You've obviously put so much thought into the details and in doing so brought life into Mike Chappell's beautiful color plate. The body mods, especially the chest, really improved the fit of the clothing and I was happy to see your photos showing what and how you accomplished it all.

Just superb and congrats on it all. Can't wait to see your next project and thanks so much for sharing your efforts with this forum.

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That is an incredible figure! The work you put into him is admirable, those zipper pulls are ingenious! All the little details you worked into this fellow help bring him to life. Excellent work Fred, all he needs now is is tank!...........Jim

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Really nice figure! The work done on him is really inspiring and we don't often get to see all the "surgery" that's hidden under the clothes!

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Excellent work! I love all the details especially the zipper tabs. They really add a lot, even for such a small detail. The paint job on the HS is excellent too.

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I really appreciated all the detail you provided on making this great figure. Did you have to fill the head with anything after cutting it down or did the cap just go over the opening?

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Another top flight tanker!!!
Superb work top to bottom, as nice a tanker as has ever been done in 1/6th

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