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*If this is in the wrong spot, sorry. Please move it to whichever area it belongs.*

I just wanted to give a heads up to the guys in the area. On July 19th the Vacaville Art League will be having the opening to the "Life in the 40's - America's Greatest Generation". The idea was really going to be a WW2 show only, based on "The War". But sadly not many members had WW2 related pieces and some didn't like the idea of a "war" related show. Lucky, I will have some figures and even a "aged" photo in the show. The best part of it all is Sascha Weinzheimer-Jensen, whom was the little girl in the Japanese camp will be the special guest at the opening.

Heres the link to more about it:

I hope some of you guys can make it and if not, I will make sure I take lots of photos.
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