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This is my 1/6 scale U.S. Dragoon ringgold saddle. Created by Captain Samuel Ringgold, an artillery officer, this saddle saw action during the early part of the Mexican war and was replaced by the Grimsley saddle soon after.
There's an 1842 percussion pistol in the holster and an 1840 hall carbine suspended just like the Napoleonic French hussars carried their carbines. In fact, the ringgold was mostly based on the early 1840s French hussar saddle.
The pommel and cantle are trimmed with cast brass metal arches, possibly beginning a trend later seen on the grimsley saddle as well as the Civil War Officers McClellan saddles. Thanks for looking.
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I can't think of anyone whose work can compare to yours. Always interesting, always well-researched, always flawlessly executed, always well-presented. Thanks so much for continuing to share it with us.
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