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12" The Crow custom

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Happy New Year fellas, I'm glad to be back !!
After this little "1/6 break" I'm very happy to show you my last work.
As promised, my version of the dark character of James O'Barr : The Crow played by Brandon Lee.
As you can see, I start with the official 12" talking The Crow release, I resculpted his face and add him a muscular Medicom body and DID leather boots.
I tried to paint his face as make-up instead of white paint manufacture face.
You can compare the original Crow standing next of my modified Crow version . I'm just looking for a descent crow and his guitar.
Enjoy !!

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Killer work, the facepaint actually looks like makeup as opposed to acrylic paints on plastic, damn fine job...
They are wicked!

I once had the old Inteleg kit and still have the old McF one hanging around somewhere. I'll have to get the Crow on DVD sometime.

Excellent upgrade. It's all in the eyes! The original Crow looks like he just drank way too much coffee, while your version looks like he's out for blood. Can't wait to see you final version with crow and guitar. :thumb
Very, very nice job on him!

- Ian
That is so cool. I loved the comics and the movie. Nice job!
Wow, he does look great and much better upgraded, great work :thumb
Great work. I have the Neca one and always hated the face on it. Yours is so much more movie accurate and a much cooler figure all around. Kudos to you.
Wow, your Customs are always Amazing!!! Nice work
Wow, excellent redux on the face!
I defiantely prefer your upgraded crow. Well done!!
The fig looks good, i'm a big fan of this movie.
This upgrade is AWESOME! All of your work is, but this one is out there!
excellent work, hope to get to see a Crow for the mass market down the road. :) Thanks for the pix!
You just turned a toy into an amazing action figure! Nice work!
1 - 20 of 35 Posts
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