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I spent 10$ on my box and about 80.00 on my lights. I used Tissue Paper from the 99 cents store which was great. Two sheets of poster Board about 2 bucks from Staples.I used a 12" x12" x12" box don't Go smaller then this..
Basically we are gonna cut windows in three sides of the box and totally take out one side. (That last part is optional - see below.) You'll want to tape the original bottom of the box securely into place before making your cuts. Leave two of the top flaps on for light control as shown, and remove the other two. The three-shot sequence just below shows it better than I could explain.
I used a razor to slice the boxes. Try not to amputate anything, okay? Besides, the
the arterial bleeding will saturate and weaken the cardboard. In the End I used some Quality Lighting tubes that I picked up from a Camera Store and that was that.


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