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QuikClot ( three versions)

Back of QuikClot




Surgical Gloves Wrapper

Band Aid Butterflys

Dukal Emergency Pressure Dressing

Dynarex Surgical Sponges


Water Jel ( 2 images to choose from)


Hot/Cold Packs ( 5 different versions)


Kendall brand bandages/sponges/gauze/etc ( three types)


Bottle Labels, small package boxes and MISC


Disposable scalpel package


IV Bag Label

Blood Plasma Bag Labels ( 2 versions)


Glucose Gel ( 2 versions)


PowerBar ( 2 labels, one core, one Snickers label to modify for a full wrapper for Powerbar)


Various Medical

Face Shield Packs ( 2 types)

Dynarex Disposable Burn Sheet

Coban Wrap Box ( will need work to fit image onto another box)

Disposable Syringe Box

Vionex Towelette

PVP Prep Pad box

Hydrogel Burn Dressing

Epi-pen box


2 Part Builds

1) Suture Kit

Suture Label

Image of inner tools

( The theory being to take the label, add padding/depth, then glue image of inner tools, then glue plastic cover, to make it "look" like something is in the package, but it's really a flat image)

2) Catheter Kit

( Same two part build theory)


More medical references for potential printables. No pressure.

1) ACE bandage label

2) Dukal dressings ( eyepad, gauze, IV dressing)

3) SAM Splint ( two options)

4) Triangular bandages ( three types)

5) Various

Evidence Bag ( i.e. glue to real paper bag cutout)

SF Medical Handbook Cover ( i.e. add paper sheets, glue and make a mini fake book)

Sudecon Decom Wipe

SWAT-T Tourniquet

Tegaderm Pad

Thin Cinch Compression Bandage Label


Actual Printables ( courtesty of OSW member Cerebeus, who sent to these to me last year. I asked him if I could share them at some point in the future and he said that was fine. Hopefully it's still ok. Please do not repost the next four images on any other site without talking to Cerebeus first, thanks)

1) Federal 5.56 ammo carton

2) Federal pistol ammo carton

3) 7.62 ammo case label

4) Federal ammo label


Canned Food Labels


1) Canned Food

Campbell's Chicken Soup

Cambell's Tomato

Chef Boyardee Beef Ravioli

Chef Boyardee Mini Ravioli

Kuner Black Beans

Marathon Peach Halves

Strongheart Dog Food

2) Survival Food

Survival Chicken Long Term

Survival Bar Wrapper

Mountain House Freeze Dried Food ( idea to print same image twice for front/back)

Mainstay Survival Rations Label

Mainstay Survival Emergency Drinking Water Label

3) Humorous

Coney Island Killer Whale

Coney Island Pelican Gulper Eel

Coney Island Sea Cobra

Coney Island Jackalope

Coney Island Cave Roach

Campbells Primordial Soup

KnockOut SuperHot Ketchup

Bruce Campbell's Movie Soup


Bug Out Bag Type Food


Whey Protein ( Soldiers, Zombie Hunters, Cops, Mercenaries,etc, all gotta work out.... Three types)

MetRX Protein Plus ( for Steamin' Willie Beamon...)

Herbalife Liquid Meal Supplement ( basically Ensure)

Protein Pancake Mix

SPAM ( two different labels, one extra main image for editing)

Staggs Chili

Canned Salmon

Canned Del Monte Peaches

Clif Bar ( front and back, will need editing)




V 8 Tomato Juice

Pepsi Label ( May work on those plain Barbie bottles)

Gatorade Label ( might work on those plain Barbie bottles)

Fun Food


Big League Chew ( three varieties of front and back, everyone remember these as a kid? Remember the commercials?)

Canned Beaver ( the feminists might not like this one for sure...)

BBQ Rub ( for those big game hunts)

Kool Aid ( maybe it can be edited down to a paper packet)

FleshFeast Hot Sauce Label

DuffBeer Bottle Label ( Go Homer!)

Coconut Milk

Also MORE medical stuff ( Tried to pick stuff more commonly used)


Ambien Bottle Label

Amoxicillin Bottle Label

Cefadroxil Bottle Label

Prednisone Bottle Label

Heparin Anticoagulant Bottle Label

Morphine Bottle Label

Penicillin Vial Label

Percocet Bottle Label

Steroids Bottle Labels

Last, but not the least, Dr. Gregory House's Vicodin Bottle Label, prescribed by Wilson and from the Princeton Plainsboro Pharmacy -

Some more cool stuff, no pressure, just adding it to the archive -

Range Target Silhouettes for Shooting/Training

Zombie Target

Justin Bieber Target

Raw Military In Uniform Silhouettes ( My guess to train to ID friendlies under duress)


Pistol Ammunition Boxes

Resident Evil Red Hawk pistol ammo box

Frank Castle Punisher pistol ammo box

Fallout Big Chief 357 caliber ammo box


Big Electronics Section

Super Nintendo Console System

Arcade Booth Pacman

Arcade Booth Defender

Nintendo Game Cube

Nintendo original Game Boy

Modern Lap Top

IMac Desktop

Pentax Manual Camera

Apple IPhone

Apple IPod Mini

Apple IPod Nanos

Apple IPad

Apple IPad W/ GI Joe/Cobra highlights


Crates, Structures and Flooring

Wooden Crate

Futuristic Wolf Crate A

Futuristic Foreign Crate B

Cobra Dreadnok Crate

ACME Boxes ( 3 versions)

Automotive Parts Boxes

Barrels ( two types)

Flooring/Wall Patterns ( Rivet Metal/Metal Grid Lighted/Brick)

Porta Potty Structure

Coke Machine

Bookcase with Books


MISC Fun Stuff

Milk Cartons ( 2 kinds)

Cobra Gold Bars

Blank CDROM/DVD Media

GI Joe Arashikage Symbols

US Marshals Badge ( there's a noticeable lack of badges in the hobby)


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Do these print out at 1:6 or do they need to be resized? For instance the portapotty doesn't look like it would print large enough.

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I was wondering if anyone could advise me how to get a 1/6th scale foil beer label printed?

Like this St Ides label.

I want less than 20 done.

I've tried some print bureaus here in Australia but they prefer bigger jobs and want to charge me the minimum cost which is still fairly expensive.

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